Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our Move Back to Queensland -- and a Ruby Hack

Hi everyone! We are now Queensland residents again - Brisbane to be more precise.

I could no longer hack the 9-month long Melbourne winter, and wanted M to grow up in a climate where she can play outside all the time. So we decided to move back.

We've rented a very sweet little Queenslander while we sell our house in Melbourne. Then we'll buy something in the same area here.

We arrived about a week and a half ago, and it has been hectic. M started school (prep!) yesterday, after breaking her arm on Sunday night. Poor little bub. I have never felt so distraught in my life, and the time she was under a general anaesthetic was pure hell. She's now handling it like a pro, though is already sick of lugging the cast around. She's a very active kid, and it hinders her running around.

 I bought a new sewing machine just before we moved, and picked it up two days after our move. I got a Bernina 330 and love it. I've got lots of sewing plans, primarily because the weather here is so different, and none of my Melbourne clothes are really that compatible with the sticky heat here. Melbourne is so dry.

To test out my new machine, and sew something to wear on super humid days, I hacked Tessuti Patterns' Ruby Dress. I wanted a drop waist dress with a ruffle on the bottom, made out of this amazing Japanese seersucker from Tessuti, called Black Ripple Square.

I hadn't intended on blogging this (I put it on Instagram and had a few requests for details), so my pictures are a bit limited.

Here are the hack details:

  1. I started with the top length of the pattern and shortened it by 5cm. 
  2. I added 1cm around the armholes, so I could turn the binding under (the Ruby usually has visible binding, turned to the front). I didn't need to add to the neckline. 
  3. I cut a ruffle piece for both front and back that was the width of my fabric. I didn't make it a rectangle though, I mimicked the side seam edge of the top pattern pieces on the side seams of the ruffle pieces. 

That's it! Pretty easy, and I love it. I made a size 8, but took it in an additional 3cm on each side (6cm total). I had to do that recently with the Ruby I made for the Melbourne Frocktails, which I went to the night before I moved to Queensland:

This one is also made from a seersucker from Tessuti, called Navy Ripple Spot (couldn't find it on their website, though I noticed there is a black and white spot version).

I predict there will be more of these dresses in my future. I am really struggling with dressing in the humidity.

What do you wear on super hot/humid days?

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