Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rebecca Taylor for Vogue 1344 - A Flouncy Little Frock

I decided to branch out recently and get some patterns that were slightly different to my usual style. Maybe I was feeling a little thoughtful, like the model of the pattern of my new frock - Vogue 1344, by Rebecca Taylor?

Isn't that pose just hilarious?

Anyway, you can't really see it in the above photo, but this a dress with a front flounce, elasticised waist, cross-over bodice and contrast sleeve cuffs.

I made it in a Liberty Tana Lawn, with cotton voile from Tessuti. It is lined in black silk-cotton, also from Tessuti.

It is probably a bit late in the season to be making a cotton frock, but I had intended to wear this to Little M's second birthday party on the 13th April. Michael convinced me it is probably going to be a little too cool for it, so it is getting worn now.

The pattern comes together well. I cut a straight size 12 and did nothing to it. Not even lengthen it. The only gripe I have with it is that I have to safety-pin the bodice closed - it is an absolute cleavage fest if I don't. I made the belt to go with it - used the same voile as the sleeve cuffs and simply interfaced it heavily. It closes with two hooks and eyes. I thought it looked a bit weird without the black belt to tie it all in together.

Look at that flounce flying around in the wind.

I really recommend this pattern - it is simple enough to sew, and doesn't require fitting given its elasticised nature. You definitely need to use a light fabric though - think lawn, voile or silk. There are a lot of tucks/pleats in the bodice and the flounce needs to be soft and light to drape properly.

So, there we have it. A cute little frock to end Melbourne's hot weather on. I am now working like a gun to finish my Sewcie Tea dress and a dress to wear to Little M's party. Luckily I finished Little M's dress and leggings a while back.


  1. Very, very cute! I think you're right about the belt too - it does tie it all together beautifully. I haven't made my SewcieTea dress yet either...

  2. This is very cute! Have fun at SewcieTea, I'm sure your special dress will be lovely and look forward to seeing it.

  3. What is it with pattern photos that don't show off the detail??! I'm talking to you Rachel Comey's v1247. I don't get it! The dress looks great, the belt was a really good idea.

  4. Great dress! You're sewing like a gun at the moment. Slow down. I can't keep up!!

  5. Thanks for the tips - I have this pattern on my (near-infinite, admittedly) to do list and was wondering (a) how low / in appropriate the neckline might really be and (b) what sort of fabric it really needed. Your dress is a lovely showcase for all the pattern details :-) - I really hadn't noticed half these details when I bought the pattern!

  6. I've just sewn a light cotton dress too, whoops! Very cute. I have to sew a lot of my bodices closed or else everything just jumps right on out!

  7. So glad you made this and conquered it. I'm about to make one up now. Cheers.