Monday, April 1, 2013

Tessuti Gridlock Sewing Competition Entry

Have everyone been watching the entries for the Tessuti Gridlock Sewing Competition pop up all over the place? There are some mighty fine creations out there. I have thrown my hat in the ring too - there is $1000 at stake! Think of all the fabric you could buy with $1000!

For this competition you have to use the fabric 'Gridlock' from Tessuti. It is a jacquard, and I must admit I wasn't sure what to make. In the end, I chose the Merchant and Mills Panel Dress Pattern. I thought something simple with pattern pieces that might allow me to use both sides of the fabric might do the trick. 

I hadn't used a Merchant and Mills pattern before so I muslined it. I think this was necessary as the Merchant and Mills patterns are not multi-sized. You pick your size and hold your breath and hope for the best. I chose the size 12 and it didn't require too many alterations.  

The pattern is pretty amazing. It comes printed on card with all the holes punched out already (i.e., for your darts and all the notches). It comes rolled in the cylinder and also has a hook to hang the pattern pieces from (they now live hanging on my wall in my sewing room.). Pretty cool huh? 

Here are the alterations I made:
  • I added a back vent. 
  • I lowered the neckline by 1.5cm.
  • I took in the CF by 3cm in total.
  • I took in the CB at the top by 2cm. 
I had a lot of fun deciding which side of the fabric to do each panel - here is what I came up with:

I decided to underline the entire dress in blue silk/cotton lining from Tessuti. I hand basted it all together (it took me FOREVER):

And here is the dress!

I'm not going to lie - I'm not sure this colour is for me. Blogless Anna was over at my house a few weekends ago for a ladies' sewing arvo and she tried it on - I think I will be gifting this dress to her. Her colouring really really suited the lovely jacaranda blue of this dress.

Colour aside, I had so much fun making this dress. It really made me pay a lot of attention to finishing the dress, and I had to really think about what to make as jacquard is not a fabric I naturally gravitate to (I'm really a cotton and linen girl).

So that is my competition entry - what do you think? Make sure you check out the Pinterest page Tessuti are putting all the entries onto (look on the Tessuti blog for the link) - there are some really amazing garments popping up!


  1. It looks great! You should reconsider your gift!!

  2. Hello Rachel....this is lovely on you! May I be bold and say you are wrong...see how luminous your skin is in this dress; the colour is just right for you. I think it is a keeper! Good luck in the competition.

  3. I think it looks fantastic on you! The way the neckline sits is very flattering with your awesome short haircut. I would reconsider that gift, too!

  4. I like the pattern! Very old school yet practical (and decorative if you can hang it on your wall!)... I think it's great fabric and I think it looks great ... but your figure suits a higher waist (that's just my opinion!) and I've seen you in better dresses! BUT, you took such care in making it! Would it be heartbreaking not wearing it?


  5. I really LOVE this color on you....are you sure that you just aren't used to wearing it and just THINK it isn't your color? I have been following your blog for over a year (just kind of lurking, not commenting) and this is my favorite color and shape of anything you have made! Good luck in the competition

  6. Ohh I love it on you. The underlining gives it a nice structure.
    I had the same issues regarding the colour. Some people are blue people and some are not...
    Thanks for letting us in on this pattern company... another one to look out for :-)

  7. Wow, how interesting that pattern is... I have to say that although I love, love, love dark blue and have lots of dark blue clothes in my wardrobe, it doesn't seem to do anything special for me either. Since your dress is so lovely though, could you just add a contrasting scarf or necklace to help it along?

  8. Hi Rachel, I really like this colour on you and also the pattern. Are you sure it's not your colour? Anyway, good luck with the competition.