Sunday, June 17, 2012

Metallic Linen - I Love You - V8721

It has been over a month since I last posted! And I am very behind in commenting on everyone's blogs too - but I have been reading and enjoying everyone's projects. So much has been happening ... Michael has been away a lot, Little M is running around everywhere, I've been working, and I've been sick constantly with chronic sinusitis. Yuck.

I have however completed my metallic linen V8721 jacket. I feel very glam in this jacket. It isn't really suitable to wear in Melbourne at the moment, but I had a girls' weekend at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland two weeks ago with my mum and sisters and I wore it to dinner then.

As I mentioned in my last post, the fabric is a lurex-coated metallic linen that has been enzyme washed from Tessuti Fabrics.

So.... I don't really have anything to add from the Rasberry Linen version of this jacket. I did however taper in the side seams a smidge - effectively taking the jacket in approximately 2cm on each side. I think this fit is better and more flattering than the Rasberry Linen.

Little M was being very naughty and trying to stand up in her swing - too adventurous!  

I taped the roll line on the collar again, and added slim shoulder pads too. I actually had to trim these shoulder pads - they were a little bit too long.

What do you think? Can I 'do' the whole metallic jacket trend?

The only real thing I have to add here is about working with a fabric that is lurex coated. Firstly, when I pre-washed the fabric, I did it by hand, and very gently. Usually I just bung fabric in the washing machine for pre-washing. Second, while this fabric is a linen, I couldn't have my iron on the linen setting in case I melted the metal fibres. So I had the iron on the 'wool' setting and used one of Michael's hankies (clean of course! :-) as an ironing cloth.

This seemed to work well - I was so paranoid about wrecking my lovely fabric. I really recommend this gorgeous fabric - it is a heavy linen, and so easy to stitch together. For the lining I used a coordinating viscose lining -- I forgot to get photos of the lining, but there is nothing new from the last one!

I also made little M a pair of Rae's Big Butt Baby Pants. These pants are designed to fit a nappy underneath - they have an 'insert' in the bum area - sort of like a triangle. I made them from a scrap from my Rasberry Linen jacket and a 0.5m remnant of cotton seersucker from The Fabric Store. It really is too cool to wear them at the moment, so she is wearing some leggings underneath to keep her beautiful chunky little legs warm. I'm really happy with the pants and have a few more pairs planned.

Doesn't she look so sweet?

I'm making another pair of pants for myself at present - what are you all making?


  1. I really want to make this jacket! I have acres of light violet wool left over from a make. It could be perfect for this. Looking lovely, as ever!

  2. Hello Rachel...sorry you have been unwell. Little M is as cute as a bug's ear. Your jacket is just great...lovely sewing ....and I like how you have styled it. Get better.

  3. Hello stranger! LOVE the metallic linen jacket. I must get some for myself. You look fab.

    We must try that catch up again. Next weekend? My mum left today. Boo. Mr H is being extremely naughty. I often find him standing on the kitchent table. And the tantrums have started... I hope you're better. L x

  4. Your jacket looks great and I like the more fitted look on you. I can't believe little Miss Thang is walking already. Time sure does fly.

  5. This jacket is super cool and you pull it off a treat! Love your style as always. And Little M really is looking too cute!!!

  6. You can definitely 'do' metallic. I love the look! Such a great pattern too :)

  7. That jacket is great! Gorgeous fabric. P.S. I loooooove Rae's Big Butt Baby Pants. My M is now 2 and I have made literally about 20 or so pairs of these. She wears them summer and winter, just in light or heavy material depending on the season. They are awesome!

  8. Hey Rachel. Jacket looks fabulous and don't too glitzy at all. Yes, I am WAY biased because I sold you the fabric, but I do love it and am glad you love it too. And M's rockin' them big butt pants too. Oh that little neck....

  9. I really like the simplicity of the jacket it lets the glam fabric do all the talking . Well done
    I do love nappy bottoms They make feel all gooey as I remember my munchkins who are now 19

  10. You are looking very chic and stylish in your new jacket. The colour looks great on you. I love how you've managed to make such a potentially dress-up jacket look so casually groovy...if that makes any sense.

  11. Love love love that new jacket! Can't believe how big M is now!

  12. I'm late here, but I love that metallic linen. I have a super small scrap I bought from a remnant table of similar stuff. It's sooo pretty. Also, I'm about to make a pair of those big butt baby pants for a friend's toddler. Glad to know they are so cute from behind!