Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Babushka for My Babushka

Do you ever see a creation on someone's blog and know, then and there, that if you don't make that, you will probably never think of anything else ever again?

I had that experience today at approximately midday. I saw in my blog reader that the amazing and wonderful Jorth had posted something, so I popped over to her blog. And staring me in the face were the cutest ever little softies. The minute I saw the little darlings I knew I had to make one for my soon-to-be-born darling.

A quick rummage in my stash, a quick trip out for some felt and filler, plus a few hours tonight, and I have a little babushka for my own babushka:

They are very simple to make - the tutorial link is on Jorth's Blog. The other good thing is that you can use scraps of fabric, with a bit of felt and filler. I think I spent around $10 in total.

I am still going on my baby quilt, which was going to reveal the baby's gender, but I think this bit of baby sewing lets the cat out of the bag --- I'm having a girl!!!!


  1. Aw, that is so cute! Great to feel so inspired. Hee, hee - yes, no secrets with this make. Congratulations on having a little girl!

  2. So cute! We're now officially softie buddies!

    Also, did you get a start on the knitted shrug? If you need a hand, let me know!

  3. What a cute babushka...I'm sure you're little one will love it! Congratulations also on the baby girl front, how exciting!!!

  4. YAY! OH! I AM SO EXCITED! what an adorable doll! yipppeeee

  5. I thought your weren't finding out!!! I had to know immediatly for all my pregnancies and loved having a few months to sew blue or pink before bubs arrived.

    Girls are great - congratulations! I see lots and lots of frilly dress sewing in your future!

  6. Aarggh! Congrats, lady!! I can't believe how quickly you whipped that up - I saw it last night on my blog reader and bookmarked it too :)

  7. Yay!!! Congratulations!! Marvellous news! :) I love the wee softie you've made. So sweet and full up of mama's love for your wee one to be.

    It's nice to see you posting - I've missed them!

  8. Oh Rachel....a little special. This doll is gorgeous...M now at 22 still has her rag doll on her bed that her Nan made at her birth. This is just the thing to do in these last weeks.

  9. Thanks everyone!

    Jorth - I wish I was up to making the shrug - I think I need to finish the scarf first then move onto bigger projects. I'm barely through the scarf! You'll definitely hear from me when its done -- did you get the wool for your dress? I can't wait to see it.

    Cherri - Michael wanted to find out so badly!! It was never a question for him, and I was relatively ambivalent about finding out, so we found out at the 19 week scan. It was so awesome - when they pointed out her little 'girl parts', we could actually see them - it wasn't just a case of nodding in agreement while looking at each other in confusion.

    Alana - I was like a bat out of hell making the doll up last night. I didn't stop for anything or anyone (except dinner :-). I surprised myself a little - haven't had that sort of enthusiasm for a project in a while.

    Sarah - thank you! That is such a nice thing to say!!

  10. Thank you Maree! It did feel just right to make up such a cute little treat. Bub now has 4 plush toys - the one I've made, one from my brother, one from my mum, and one from the Qld Flood Disaster Appeal. She's spoilt already!