Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Future Planning

About a month ago, Michael headed off to California for two weeks for work - lucky Michael - Mexican food heaven, cheap beer, very pretty landscapes, and fun experimental work for him!! But I was lucky too, as my lovely hubby went fabric shopping for me - not once but twice!! (He also got me the Issey Miyake perfume and my favourite perfume Ja'dore by Christian Dior - I was thoroughly spoilt!).

Michael went to Stone Mountain and Daughter, and got three lovely cotton prints:

Sorry for the poor pictures (thats the limit of an iPhone I suppose). The red print is my favourite - it is so pretty.

Michael got me 3.5 yards of each, and they are all medium weight. So, of course, my mind has been going into planning overdrive for these lovely cottons. I don't want to sew with them until I've lost some baby weight, and I know I'll need more separates for a while given the mechanics of breastfeeding. So, with all of that in mind, I purchased Sewaholic's Crescent Skirt Pattern:

Tasia's (the Sewaholic :-) version of this is made in a quilting cotton, so I think it will suit my cottons perfectly. My plan is to make A and C in the blue-toned cottons. What do you think?

I am excited about Tasia's new pattern line - they look so pretty, and it is nice to have another boutique line to purchase from. Her Pendrell blouse has been out and about in many of the blogs I love with great reviews, so I'm really looking forward to making the Crescent skirt. Has anyone else bought this pattern?


  1. I love those fabrics! You have a great husband :) I'm thinking about sewing the Pendrell blouse, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the skirt turns out-- I might get that too!

  2. How sweet! These will look fantastic in the Crescent skirt!!

  3. Those cottons are gorgeous!! You're lucky, my OH refuses to buy me fabric as he says its a 'boring' presents. I think this may be because then I would spend ages in my little sewing world without him! lol :)
    I bought the Cresent skirt and the Pendrell blouse last week, I was too tempted by the free shipping offer :) I can't wait for them to get here! :D
    Ashley x

  4. Perfume and fabric purchases? You have the perfect partner. I'm not sure I could ever get my boyfriend to buy fabric for me. I haven't bought Tasia's skirt pattern, mainly because I'm not sure how that deep waistband panel will suit my belly! But as you know, I'm big time into the Pendrell blouse. Her sewalong posts are extremely helpful.

  5. I just put in an order for both the pendrell blouse and crescent skirt using her presale discount. Can't wait. I too have read rave reviews, and being pear shaped hope to find myself needing to make fewer adjustments. Here's hoping.