Friday, August 6, 2010

A Rosy Macaron

A couple of weekends ago, my sister and I took a trip to Spotlight, as she wanted me to make her a 'tent' dress - and also conned me into making a skirt for her!

While I was there, I spotted this gorgeous rosy cotton sateen. I love cotton sateen. Possibly my second favourite fabric after Japanese cotton. It was only $6/m, so I had to have some.

I got 2.5m with nothing in particular in mind, but I have been wanting to make another Macaron from Colette Patterns. So I thought I would try my hand at another made up in my rosy sateen:

What do you think? It fits well.

I also did a lapped, handpicked zipper, using the Cupcake Goddess' Instructions:

I'm not sure though - does this have enough 'lap'? I think I need to 'lap' them more.

The sleeves turned out well:

I wore it out last night to dinner with Michael. I paired it with a little black cardi, some (new!) black suede boots I got for 70% off at a sale, and my Lady Grey Coat for while we were out and about. And.... with my new haircut! What do you think? It is pretty short!

On a side note, do any of you have gluten allergies? What does it feel like? I seem to be unable to eat wheat-y foods anymore. Not a sewing topic, but would be great to hear from anyone!

Tomorrow I'll have a post about my 'casual' outfit. The party is tonight, and I've decided what I will wear. Have a good weekend!


  1. What pretty fabric - I love cotton sateen too!

  2. That dress is gorgeous! I love dark florals they just seem to be made for women not girls.
    On another note, I have a gluten sensitivity but not in an allergic way. I cut out all gluten three months ago and have gone from having weekly migraines to only one in the last two months. I have one friend who sneezes non-stop when she eats anything wheat based and another who gets stomach cramps and bloating so it can be quite nefarious and affects lots of different things in different people. Or so it seems in my totally non-medical, completely subjective view ;-)
    P.s. love the hair!

  3. The dress is beautiful!! I love, love the fabric!! Your hair is smashing, too.

    If you feel you have a gluten sensitivity or allergy, I would highly recommend seeing your doctor. My sister-in-law found out she had celiac disease, which needs to be monitored.

  4. You look stunning. The dress is gorgeous and your hair looks great. Beautiful total picture!

  5. LOVE the dress! That fabric is amazing! I've never sewn with cotton sateen--but now I want to try! And the hair length looks fabulous!

  6. Very nice dress - cotton sateen is lovely to wear and sew with I think.

    The rose print is very pretty. YOur hair looks great - have fun at the party.

  7. I love the fabric, your dress and the new haircut. A triple whammy!

  8. Beautiful dress!

    I'm sensitive to gluten. When I eat it my whole body swells up a bit--my waist measurement goes up a few inches and my hands and feet retain water. When I go without it for a few weeks and then have some, I get a fuzzy head, sinus pain, tired eyes, that kind of thing. I think it also makes me a bit more moody or anxious. It's really hard to avoid though! I get tired of eating "workaround" food. It might help to check out paleo blogs ( is a good one) for more people's experiences. Good luck!

  9. great dress! it's fun to see the pattern without contrasting fabrics. i like cotton sateens too. :)

    check out if you're looking for good recipes.

  10. wow - You've done a tremendous job and the fabric is darling!

  11. Thanks everyone!

    And thank you for the tips regarding gluten allergies. Its interesting - yesterday in the car on the way to the party (it was 1.5hrs drive away), we were sharing some lollies. I ate about six, and started to get the most awful stomach cramps. I looked at the back of the packet - wheat was the first ingredient! I really think my body is telling me something.

  12. Your dress is lovely! I hope your sis snagged the fabric for you as a thank you for sewing for her! ;)

    You did such a great job matching up the seams!

  13. Oh it's a beautiful dress! And the fabric is just lovely! Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing has a handpicked lapped zipper tutorial too where she shows you how to add a placket. Basically just adding more fabric to the inside to create more room to work with. From here the zipper looks great and very professional!

  14. Gorgeous! Love the fabric - and your haircut looks fantastic, too!