Sunday, August 8, 2010

My take on Casual

Well, I went about as casual as I go, and I was still majorly overdressed. Mostly because all of the other party-goers were wearing TRACKSUIT PANTS!!!!

So, my outfit was way over-the-top in comparison:

I wore my Lady Grey Coat as well.

I made up this little grey ponte jersey dress as my attempt at casual:

It is BurdaStyle's Melissa Dress with a dryndl skirt instead of a straight skirt:

I have made this dress in a size 36 before, and it fit me like a glove. Not so this time. It was huuuugggge. I took it in by approximately 4cm on each side seam. Massive.

I also finished the neck and armhole edges in self-fabric bias binding. I do like this little dress. I like the 'V' neckline on the back:

And the cute little cap sleeves:

It is also very easy to make, and does not use much fabric at all.

So - a casual outfit for what was really a pyjama party! At least I was comfortable and felt nice in what I was wearing.

I still intend to make Simplicity 2443 for my birthday weekend. My parents arrive on the friday, and I'll be taking them out for lunch and hanging about. I think 2443 would be perfect for such an outing - what do you think?

Then on the Saturday, the day of my birthday, Michael, my sister, her boyfriend and I are taking my parents for a picnic at Hanging Rock! (for all you non-Aussies, there is an iconic mystery novel and film about some missing school girls after they go for a picnic at Hanging Rock, a landmark in Victoria). I am in the middle of sewing some slouchy linen pants for that. Busy times of sewing ahead!


  1. Hello Rachel - the trackie daks made me smile - sounds fun. Many happy returns for your birthday ..have lots of bubbles. Hanging Rock is fabulous - we have a friend with a farm near there - I love it (p.s. great wineries nearby too). Have a lovely birthday weekend.

  2. Not sewing a frothy and prim white dress for Hanging rock? Have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Hi, I Love your dress and love your blog...very inspiring!

  4. I think your outfit is a perfect take on casual! I'm chronically 'overdressed', as well. I'm usually the only one in a dress and certainly the only one in something retro.

    Have a fantastic birthday weekend!

  5. I'll be really interested to see your progress with the Cynthia Rowley dress it's on my list too!

  6. Great dress. I don't do casual well, either. I'm almost always overdressed. Even for work. Oh well. If you feel great, that's what matters!

  7. I don't think you were overdressed, you look perfectly casual to me and the dress looks fab.
    Tracky dacks to a party?! People need to make a little more effort me thinks ;)

  8. I love your take on casual! It is very similar to how I do casual. The dress is fantastic!

  9. I think your outfit looks great - I love the scarf and sweater with the dress, it's very chic!

    Good luck with the Cynthia Rowley dress! I can't wait to see your results.

  10. Hey Rachel - just wanted to let you know I tagged you for a little meme on my blog.

  11. Don't ever dress down to match the masses. You look great and I bet a lot of the women were jealous that you looked so cute. I'm another that is never as casual as the rest of the crowd. I mean I own only 1 pair of jeans and no shorts at all! Most people are too casual for my taste nowadays.

    Be careful at Hanging Rock though. ;)

  12. This is lovely - and much nicer than sweat pants!! (I can't believe people were wearing those at a party!)

    Thanks so much for the pattern instructions - they were waiting for me yesterday when I got home.

    PLEASE take some reconstruction shots at Hanging Rock! Keep your corset on though...

  13. Cute dress - love it with the scarf, way better than showing up in sweats! I'd rather be a little overdressed than feel like I'm in sleep clothes... although a lot of the time everyone's in jeans when I go out too.