Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Simplicity 2896 - AKA The Best Pants in the World

Hi all -- I feel like it is forever since I last posted. I had one of my best and dearest friends visiting from QLD on the weekend, so did not have much time for the internet and the like.

I did manage to hem my linen pants though. So, I present to you Simplicity 2896:

AKA the best pants in the whole world. They are made from this pattern:

They were very easy to make. I did make some changes though:

  1. I didn't add the pockets. I wanted a nice smooth line. 
  2. I also amended the fly so that the extension was already adjoined to the centre front. 
  3. I made the longest length (they are still too short in my opinion).
They are made from a navy linen from Tessuti Fabrics. They sit on my natural waist perfectly:

A back view:

Do you think they look okay with no pockets on the bum?

I think they are nice and slimming side on -- what do you think?

I love them so far. There are only two issues I have with them - (1) they could be longer. Heels don't look overly good with them (2) they wrinkle like mad (I suppose that is the price you pay for wearing linen).

I'm in the middle of making my birthday dress - I've completely changed tack - fabric, pattern and all. I'm making something a little more 'cold weather friendly' -- but it shall be a surprise until I'm finished. 

I do have another dress to show you from a while ago, so stay tuned!


  1. So cute! Especially with the ruffled top. I'll have to give that pattern a go, as it is I just bought fabric for my third pair of New Look 6190 pants which have a similar line to them :)

  2. They look very nice. The dress on the same pattern looks great- did you have a go at it? xx

  3. I've just been thinking of making myself a pair of trousers, as I haven't tackled that challenge yet. These look great! Yes, linen - if you're a neat freak, that natural tendency to wrinkle will drive you mad. But they always look like such sophisticated wrinkles with linen!

  4. Yay Rachel - they look great! They are very slimming as well - I think high waisted pants do that, don't they.

    I am just finishing off the Alive + Olivia pants (I think you made them once before). I am totally into sewing pants now and have already bought fabric for a second pair!

    Love your top too - did you make that?

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Popbabe7 - I haven't made the dress yet, but do love it too - kind of has a 60s/70s vibe to the shape.

    Corinne -- I didn't make my top - it was $5 from Valley Girl. I went in for some singlets and found the ruffle top! It was too good to pass up. Can't wait to see your pants!

  6. Your new pants look fabulous - very slimming indeed! BTW, I love that top, too!

  7. YAY! They look FABULOUS! Great job! The pants fit great and I think they look better without pockets! I wear my navy blue trousers all the time--they are definitely a staple item!

  8. They look fabulous and fit really great! I never used to like the idea of wide leg pants, but when I finally tried a pair on I was very impressed. I must get around to making some - they will be so comfy come summer!

  9. Hello Rachel - these are great and I agree with others the fit is fabulous. Think Noosa - wide leg linen pants (perfectly fine crushed) with flat sandals (or espadrilles) - you will look great in this look.

  10. They look fab! They're a great fit on you.

  11. Hello Rachel, I'm finally getting caught up on your blog! Love these pants, both comfy and elegant and such a staple wardrobe item. When I get around to making pants, a wide leg style is what I'm going to make too. They're so flattering on you!

  12. Hello! I just found your blog from Pinterest and I am so excited. Love all your sewing, especially your taste in 'tesutti' fabrics. Can't wait to see more! xx Sophie