Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Future Planning: Pattern Purchases and Creating a To-Do List

Hi everyone! Thanks everyone for your lovely well wishes - I have actually been too tired to miss sewing yet, but I have only had my cast on for a week.

I've had a crazy time since breaking my scaphoid. I went back to work Monday, but then today (Wed) the Injury Management Consultant informed me I was not legally allowed at work until my medical cert had expired and I got a statement saying I was fit to go back to work. Woops! So I'm off work until next thursday. Its probably for the best - I'm still sore and learning to cope with no right hand.

So, to occupy myself, I thought I would do two things:

  1. Show you the two new patterns I bought on etsy; and
  2. Put together a list of 10 things I'd like to sew next - with your help.
So, first of all - drum roll please - my two new patterns!!!!!

First of all, a lovely little princess-seam dress with sleeves:

How cute is it? I am thinking it would be a good versatile dress - for work and play, depending on the fabric. I am considering making it up in the lovely spotty cotton I bought to make the dress for the wedding. I think I'd wear this dress a lot more so it would be better to use the fabric for something that would get more use. What do you think?

Now, number two:

I love this one, and it was only $5. The seller says it is from the 40s, but I am wondering if it is from the 30s? Pattern dating experts, help me out here. 

What sort of fabric should I make this from? Plain/floral/patterned? Cotton? I need help!!

Now onto my list of 10 things to make. Please feel free to comment about whether you think a particular type of garment is needed more or less. I do know I have a serious penchant for dresses.

So, here are my ideas at the moment:

  • The two patterns above.
  • Another pair of trousers, in black linen (I promise the pant pattern post is coming soon)
  •  Simplicity 2501, View C, but with a rounded collar. I'm thinking a b&w polka dot. What do you think?

  • Now, this one is a bit daring -- Colette Pattern's Lady Grey. Do you think I'm up to it? It is rated 'advanced'. I just love this coat. The Cupcake Goddess made this and incited serious coat lust in me with her version. 

  • I also want to sew another Jenny pencil skirt, but in a black wool. 
So, that makes six garments. Suggestions, please! I'm not really after 'party' dresses at the moment, and am willing to expand my pattern collection some. Maybe a shirt dress if anyone can recommend a good pattern?

Stay tuned too, I have a give away coming up soon!


  1. They are all gorgeous choices, but that Lady Grey is my all time favourite. I've never tacked something that advanced either. But there are plenty of good versions of it in blog land.

    And its sure cooling down. You need something gorgeous and snuggly like this for the Melbourne winter.

    Good luck with your injury, sorry to hear of it, I'd be spewing if it was me. Stick to yoga, that's my advice!


  2. Greetings from one Rachel to another! So sorry to hear about your injury, I expect once the shock wears off and you’re just waiting for it to heal it will seem like a real nuisance.

    I spend lots of my time planning and dreaming up things to make but my brain is like a sieve and ideas just go in and then straight back out again. I look forward to seeing your plans progress and maybe get some new ideas for my own sewing list.

  3. Ohhh noo! So sorry to hear about your injury :(

    I made the Lady Grey coat recently and didn't find it too advanced. The instructions are really well done and easy to follow. Plus, if you love dresses, this is a pretty coat to go on top!
    Here's the link if you wanted to check out my version :)

  4. Just for youe vintage pattern, if its an American pattern I would say early 1940s due to the length of the skirt even though the hat and styling is 1930s, it seems to be hitting too short for a 1930s dress. But if it british or Australian our skirts came shorter earlier due to the war.