Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Seamstress' Worst Nightmare: A Broken Arm

Well folks, my health woes have just been bumped up a step - I've broken my right wrist.

Yep, I'm in a cast for six weeks, minimum. I've broken my scafoid, which my brother-in-law who is an orthopedic surgeon, tells me is particularly bad as it can need surgery if not healed correctly.

So, how did I manage to break my wrist at the tender age of 29? Boxing. Yup, I decided some time ago that I would like to do boxing, in a proper boxing gym. What possessed me to want to do such a thing? Boxing is great fun. Its stress-relieving. And its fantastic for fitness. But, as I've discovered, its also great for causing significant injury.

I broke it because the gym did not strap my wrists, or tell me what can happen if you don't strap them. And, to make matters worse, when I told the instructor my wrist was sore, he told me it was probably muscle soreness, and urged me on. When I got home that night, I couldn't really use my hand, but wrote it off as muscle pain. Woke up in the morning, really couldn't use it, but went into work. It was bruised and aching, but I kind of managed to make a few notes. About 11am, my boss noticed  I wasn't using it (It was kind of obvious as I am right-handed) and I was driven to the emergency room.

No sewing for me for at least six weeks. Queue in significant feelings of depression.

I had such high hopes. This dress in this fabric to wear to my sister-in-law's wedding:

I don't know what I'll wear to the wedding now.

I was also in the process of making another beignet - in black cotton sateen.

I sew most days a week - it is going to drive me mental.

I'm going to play catch up with the pants I've made and my red roobois, so I have a few blog posts up my cast, but mostly I'll be living vicariously through you all!

Or, maybe I'll follow the lead of lovely bloggers like Jorth and have my lovely hubby do some guest posting about titillating topics like nonlinear Gauusian optical physics.

What do you think?


  1. Aaagh, you poor thing! All my commiserations. Having broken my hand and had a cast very much like yours for weeks, I know how tricky to negotiate everyday things suddenly become - and mine was only my left hand!! But the right one... what a complete nightmare! Hope it isn't too painful at least.

  2. Poor you! I hope you get better soon. I can understand that you might go insane not sewing but I hope you will find some other fun things to do while you are recovering.

  3. Oh no!! Sorry about your wrist!

  4. I can definitely commiserate - I'm currently on a sewing hiatus because I had eye surgery last week. For a while I had to spend all of my time laying with my face pointed down, but thankfully that is done now and I can start to resume normal activity.

    My suggestion? Have your sister visit and bring along your two little nieces. Even if you can't do much, you can sit and watch the craziness.

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your wrist! I hope it heals quickly!!!!

  6. This is just terrible! Perhaps you can read about sewing and fashion in the meantime? Or maybe that would just make you feel worse . . . Anyway, rest up and you'll be back in no time!

  7. Oh Rachel, poor you... :( If I were in your position I would take the opportunity to lie on the sofa and watch a lot of Mad Men for fashion tips.

  8. What a bummer! Kinda makes you want to punch something, eh? Um, maybe not! :)

    I hope you heal up in no time at all.

  9. Ouch! And your right arm too! I hope you heal quickly.

  10. Oh no - why do you keep getting hurt? Take care and maybe take the time to learn to take better care of yourself! hehehe

    Poor you - cheer up!

  11. oh you poor poor thing ... take Boo for lots of walks, go to the movies, galleries, read read read, weekends away to the country, cook (people do with one hand)...but alas no sewing. Congratulations on third place in the PR Vintage contest Rachel. And heal well.

  12. Oh my sainted aunt, you poor thing! If I shout you a coffee and tell you all my secret sewing disasters will that make you feel better?

    Sending wrist healing thoughts your way!

  13. Thank you for your lovely well wishes everyone!

    I bought 3 books today, so have lots of reading lined up. I'm going to look into getting a new sewing book - perhaps the 'Real Fit, Real People' one now that I can sew trousers.

    I'm going to go the movies tomorrow, and on sunday go to a fete at a local community college.

    And for the wedding, I'm raiding my little sister's wardrobe (hopefully! Fingers crossed - I have my eyes on two rather expensive dresses she owns -- queue in some evil cackling here from me). That way I'll feel like I'm wearing something new without spending some ridiculous amount of money on a nice dress.

    Maree -thank you! And the same back to you - congrats on 3rd place in the mini-wardrobe contest! Once I figure out how to tie my running shoe laces Boo will be walked like she never has been before!

    Jorth - a coffee and some commiserating sounds lovely! Let me know when your crazy schedule has some spare time.

  14. OH NO! That is just FULL ON!

    Speedy recovery to you oh wonderful seamstress, hopefully you'll plan out your entire year ahead with projects and if I wasn't so busy doing my head in with work and life stuff I'd offer to sew you a new dress for the wedding! Hopefully your sister (or a trip to a vintage store somewhere) may off you a new frock.

    Best Wishes, Veronica


  15. You poor dear! I hope you have something else to distract yourself with; it must be maddening to have to go without your favourite hobby. Get well soon!

  16. Oh my goodness! I shudder at the thought of a broken arm and empathize with your frustration. Please take care of yourself and get well soon.

    Perhaps perusing upcoming collections and patterns for your next season of sewing would be a good project?

    Sarah :)

  17. So sorry!! I hope it heals well and that you don't end up having surgery!!! Prayers going up for you rihgt now.

  18. I know how feel, same thing happended to me a year ago, and for a more even stupid reason: I slipped on the pavement and landed on my wrist... Things will get easier after a couple of days believe me, it's amazing how the body can cope and adapt to situations. I can't believe the gym/ trainer left you in such pain and dismissed it as simple soreness... It is a different degree of pain altogether! Take good care of yourself, and I bet you'll be able to use your arm in no time!

  19. My sympathies on your broken wrist! For those of us with "busy hands" (and many, if not most, of us who sew qualify) losing the use of an arm is hard to adjust to.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!