Saturday, February 13, 2010

Muslin of Marian Martin Blouse

So, sometime ago I posted that I had bought this lovely pattern of a 1940's blouse from etsy.

I had some lovely vintage jade green material with a paisley-like print on it that I thought would be perfect, but wanted to make a muslin of it first (I am getting so much less impatient to get to the 'good version' than I used to be :-).

So I made a version out of some quilting cotton I got from Spotlight for about $3 a metre. Here it is with a 1940's 6-gore skirt finished a while ago:

I ended up doing a few minor alterations. I increased the side seams to about 2cm instead of 1.2cm, and created a facing for the back neck edge. The pattern did not provide one - instead saying to make 'bias strips'. I made an actual shaped facing piece.

I think it turned out nicely:

This fabric was a little bit too heavy weight though I think. I have made the vintage green material version, which was a lighter weight polished cotton, and it sits so much more nicely. I trimmed the neck edge for the green one in black lace. I haven't taken pics of it yet, but will post them as soon as I do. I really really love the green one - wore it to my new job (very exhausting, serious learning curve for me) last week with black Veronika Maine trousers and felt tres chic! 

I haven't had much time to sew lately - the new job is seriously taxing - I feel like a complete zombie. My next projects though are:

Collete Pattern's Macaron in a quilting cotton and silk contrast.

Vogue 8184 in a white and black striped heavy weight stretch cotton that I am completely in love with. I got it from Tessuti's remnant table and can't wait to wear it all made up. 


  1. I love that muslins are wearable. I never do a real muslin, always just my op shopped bedsheets, and then golden fabric from the stash for the real thing.

    Your wardrobe must certainly be dazzling your new office peeps!


  2. He he me too! I hate going to the effort of sewing something up for it not be wearable!! I just have 'best versions' of all my stuff! Or sometimes, my sister will steal the muslins - which actually makes me feel quite stoked cos someone is wearing something I made!!

  3. It looks great! Love the collar detail.
    I had my eye on that striped remnant, lucky score ;)

  4. Looking good! Quilting cottons have such lovely print, but sometimes the fabric is just not right for clothing... good for muslins though! I love finding a pattern that just 'works'.

  5. So cute! I love the neck bow. Would be cute with just jeans too!

  6. Hello Rachel - this blouse turned out so well - I love it - I think the 1930s is one of the best sources for blouse/shirt ideas. Did you include the shoulder pads? You are quite right about quilting cottons for clothes - they do not have the right drape.

  7. Hi Maree! I'm glad you found your username! I did not do the shoulder pads. Instead I followed your tip to increase the armhole a little - but I don't think it makes too much of a difference as the kimono sleeves are not meant to be fitted. I thought about the shoulder pads but my swimmer's shoulders do not need to emphasised more in a blouse.

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments - I'll post the green one this week - it did turn out much more nicely.

  8. Very cute! What a great idea to do a dummy run with a cheap fabric. I can never be bothered with muslins, but I can see myself picking up on that idea. Looking forward to seeing 'the real run' and your Macaron!

  9. It's fabulous!
    With the bow on the shoulder instead of centered it's so not a "secretary blouse" more just a really CHIC blouse!
    I made a non-wearable muslin for another assymetric 1930's Marian Martin -pattern during the holidays, it was a right mess, also without facings and about two sizes too big for me. I'm still hoping to make something of it, I do like it.
    Looking forward to pictures of the green one!

  10. I really adore the design of this blouse--the bow is so cute! :) Can't wait to see the other version you made--it sounds gorgeous!

    ♥ Casey
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  11. It's so darling! I love the fabric you chose as well, it's so sweet and feminine! Lovely work!

  12. This is one beautiful blouse. Very elegant.