Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Pattern On Its Way!

I have been wanting to make a vintage blouse for some time. Will be great for work, and for play. I'm thinking with either a full gathered drindl or a pencil skirt. So... I went hunting on etsy, and look at the gorgeous beauty I found:

I only bought it today, so will probably take some time before it arrives from the States. But I am so excited!! It was decently priced too. I bought it for ten US bucks, and then found it again on etsy selling for 23 US bucks! So glad I found the cheaper one. And its in my size!

Now I just have to get some fabric inspiration for it........


  1. Hi Rachel (I'm also a Rachael... Lily is my pseudonym!). Just saw your French dress on Sew Retro. It's awesome! I'm loving everything you've made so far, I can't believe you've only been sewing for such a short time.

    Gorgeous blouse. I think I might also make something similar (my wardrobe is seriously lacking in tops). Although I have no neck, so will have to make it lower cut!

  2. Just found your blog! Love it and am so pleased to see that you're sharing your sewing journey. Hope to see you in-store soon.
    L x

  3. Hi Rachael/Lily! thank you so much. I have been practicing alot though! I am seriously lacking in tops too. And I'm starting a new job soon where I will have to dress much more 'corporate' so I think I'll be making lots more soon!

    Lisa - you will definitely be seeing me soon! I am having major Tessuti withdrawals actually -- I reckon you'll see me next week :-)

  4. Lisa told me about your great new exciting!

    I'm going to this onto our blog list right away.

    The frill tutorial is coming up soon...just have these kids on holidays and no free time ;)

  5. I meant....
    I'm going to ADD this to our blog list right away.

  6. Wow! Thanks Colette! That is so exciting. I'm really looking forward to the frill tutorial. I have plans for a dress and a shirt -- I do love how you lovely Tessuti ladies share your sewing knowledge like this.

    I am going to come into Tessuti next week. Need some new spiffy work clothes, so going to make a trip for some lush fabric.

  7. Just found your blog and loving your style! The new blouse is wonderful and the eiffel tower dress is adorable too. Green with envy!