Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Frenchy Fun Dress

A while ago, I fell in such love with a dress made out of the most gorgeous frenchy fabric, made by Enken, a lovely fellow Aussie seamstress. Check out her beautiful dress here.

As I said over at Sew Retro, I felt I must have a lovely frenchy dress of my own -- thank you Enken for such a lovely dress inspiration!!

So I went searching and found a Michael Miller cotton with Eiffel Towers all over it. It was love at first fabric sight.

I wanted a retro yet sort of modern style, so I morphed together a few patterns -- and ended up with this:

I wore it to my work Christmas party, back in early December (I did say I needed to play catch up with my sewing posts!). I got lots of nice comments, and a bunch of ladies organised for me to host a 'master sewing class' for them, to teach them how to sew on a button and hem their trousers! Cool!!!!

Does anyone else have serious fabric/pattern lust when seeing other seamstress' creations? I seem to constantly -- like with the Wiksten tulip skirt.


  1. Oh yes! I've been in love with buttons as trims ever since seeing Wearing History's Christmas Dress at:

    Ever since I've been looking for a nice pattern of my own with buttons on it!! So, I definitely have fabric/pattern lust :-)

  2. Aww thanks for the kind words about my dress! The Eiffel tower print is pretty special too, so graphic and geometric almost. Sometimes dresses made of Frankenpatterns turn out the best I think! You can choose the elements that fit the best on you.

    And yes - I get fabric lust - especially from US and UK bloggers. They have amaaaazing fabric shops and we have.... Spotlight. Yay.

  3. Hello - just found your blog through SewRetro, it's great! I love this fabric and it looks gorgeous on you. I get fabric envy big time whenever I read about Gertie's fabric acquisitions at Spotlight and Lincraft are so depressing, unless you're a scrapbooker.