Monday, January 11, 2010

Summer Lovin' Denim Skirt

I was in Tessuti Fabrics ( in Melbourne a while ago buying some fabric and noticed Nichola ( wearing a gorgeous tulip-shaped linen skirt with bright orange buttons.

Lisa from Tessuti was in the process of sewing the same skirt, but made in a light denim. I fell in love with both the skirts. Lisa and Nichola told me the pattern was from Stitch magazine, and was a Wiksten wrap around tulip skirt.

So.... late that night, I was on the internet tracking down that issue of Stitch (it was from 2008). I was lucky enough to find it!!

Queue in my version of this skirt... in a dark denim with red buttons and red topstitching.

This skirt was a dream to sew... but only because Lisa was nice and gave me a print-out of the corrections. If you intend to make this, make sure you get the instructions from the Wiksten website.

I also followed the lovely Lisa's tip to not include buttonholes, as she thought they might gape. So I did as she did and sewed in large clips, with the buttons on top. The only other change I made was to use the placket side with the red topstitching that went all the way to the end - cos I liked the look of it more.

I made a size small, and it fits perfectly. My four-year-old (nearly five) nephew thinks my skirt is 'awesome', and my mother wants one for herself.

The pattern calls for the skirt to be made out of linen, but I think it works a dream in denim. And soooooo versatile. I love it with my black and white stripey top:

When I was visiting my family last week I went to one of my old fabric haunts and got some linen fabric (a complete bargain at $14.95/m) to make another one. It is so pretty - is white with aqua and black flowers on it.

I also got some fabric to make a 1940's dress with a skirt cut on the bias.... need a challenge. That will be coming soon.

But... I've really got to focus on getting into the work spirit again! So hard to go back after 2.5 weeks off. Especially as I've got a stomach bug and it has been 43 degrees here!


  1. where did you happen to find a copy of the magazine? I have been looking but can only find it on the interweave website and the postage is $30 to australia.

  2. Hi Kat,

    I got it through Interweave too, but in total (mag and postage) it was AU$19.

    I think you can choose different postage options -- even with this option it came pretty quickly (I think under a week).

    Let me know if you can't get it cheaper. Maybe I can photocopy and scan for you? Is that allowed under copyright? I'm sure we can work something out

  3. Hi Kat (again),

    I just had a look and USPS First Class International Mail Package is US$8.05


  4. Hi! Just found this post! Love the skirt. Did you ever scan the article? If so, I was hoping I could get a copy. Thanks!