Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some Pics of the Dog in Question

Well, I have been sewing... and have had success on one front: I have finished my 1942 nightgown that I will wear as a dress. I haven't had a chance to photograph myself in it yet, but will tomorrow once I return from personal training (I am starting this again after almost 2 years of injury and 6 kilos of extra padding :-).

I have also been trying to make a few new skirts to wear to my new job. I was going great guns on a six-gore 1940s one today, and inserted the invisible zip (I know, not very 1940s - but my second ever invisible zip) - went in great, and then went to zip it back up and the zipper came straight off the teeth!

Queue in complete disbelief on my part, a few minor swear words, and then one gorgeous and very resourceful husband who took to the zip (still in the skirt) with my snips, and fixed it!! Yay for Michael and his many talents! He is the best sewing caddy ever (his title for himself - cute huh?).

I have also had my hair cut into a short bob. I am still not completely sold on it, but it is easy to care for.

So, until I get the pics taken tomorrow, I thought I would post some of my beautiful Bessie (all taken by Michael, who is a wonderful photographer):

Here she is about 3 years old (she is now almost six). People always ask if she is still a pup.

I love this shot. This is at our favourite dog beach (and actually where Michael proposed to me). She always looks about 10 kilos lighter when she has been swimming.

And finally, one of the sweetest photos of her. She is about five here, and was waiting for the ball to be thrown. To take a photo like this Michael has to lie down on the ground and hold the ball so she focuses on him. She is way too hyper otherwise to stay still enough.

Photos of the 1942 nightgown will be up tomorrow!

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