Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tried and True with True Bias

Morning! I'm sure you all know True Bias, the amazing sewing blog written by Kelli. I have been reading about Kelli's sewing adventures for ever, and am especially in love with her black and yellow ikat blazer. 

Kelli is hosting a series called Tried and True and today I am featured! I have written a piece about my current #1 pattern..... I say current because I am such a Repeat Pattern Offender that I have many Tried and Trues. 

Anyway, pop on over to Kelli's blog to check out the Tried and True Series. Can you guess what my Tried and True is?


  1. How exciting Rachel!!!! I love your spot on Tried and True and am loooooving your new Anitas! So much so that I think I've succumbed and might have to try a pair...

  2. Your post was great! I think you might have pushed me over the edge to try a pair too!

  3. Great post. You've really got your money's worth out of this pattern. I don't think I'm brave enough to try the printed pants fashion but you have definitely nailed the look. So groovy and youthful.