Thursday, July 4, 2013

Anna's Winter Dress Pattern in Ribena Ponti

I am really, really, really into ponti this winter. It is so cozy and forgiving, comes in prints and plains, and, once I figured out my machine likes a blue tip needle, is easy to sew.

So when Anna offered me a copy of the pattern - titled 'Anna's Winter Dress Pattern' - she had created from a mix of other patterns to be specifically made in ponti, I jumped at the bit.

You see, I really love a good comfortable sack dress. Really, above and beyond any other garment, it is my favourite thing to wear. I don't wear them all the time, but a sack ticks all my boxes. Comfortable, forgiving, suitable for mummy-ing, and with just a tiny bit of shaping, quite flattering.

So here she is - my 'Anna's Winter Dress Pattern' made in Ribena Ponti from Tessuti.

Awkward pose, but it was the only full-length photo Michael got!

This pattern is very simple. Think a elongated long-sleeved t-shirt with a curved hem. Easy peasy. To make the hems and neckline nice on this dress I used a wonderful fusible knit stay tape that Anna gifted me - this stuff is magic. It irons on beautifully and makes sewing a curved hem on a knit a complete breeze. It is called Sewkeys E by Emma Seabrooke - Extremely Fine Fusible Knit Stay Tape. I believe Anna bought it from The Fashionable Stitch Shop.

I wore this to my job interview on Tuesday - I'm trying to get back into academic research again - and (fingers crossed) I think I scored myself another Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (hope I'm not jinxing anything!!!!). So I see this as my lucky dress.

I bought 1.5m of navy ponti from the Alannah Hill warehouse today (for the princely sum of $12 - that place is awesome) to make another one of these, although with full-length sleeves - so it will be around again soon!

Also, I've decided to record some of the details at the end of my posts that other bloggers use - mostly so I can record how much fabric, what size I make and the alterations etc. in a more ordered way. What do you think?

Pattern: Anna's Winter Dress Pattern
Fabric: 1.5m Ribena Ponti from Tessuti
Notions: Stay-tape
Size: M
Alterations: none


  1. Oooo excellent choice of colour. I guess in winter it'd be hot ribena! Will Anna be sharing her pattern with a wider audience?

    (p.s. fingers crossed for the postdoc position)

  2. Love the shape of this! And I love ponti too. I have a ponti skirt that I am literally wearing out right now.

  3. Sacks are my preferred garment of choice also. So comfortable and such a great backdrop for groovy accessories. The raspberry colour is fabulous - in fact I think it may be the same colour as the Chanel jacket I cut out weeks ago.

  4. The colour is really nice on you. I think you've made a gem there! Bravo!

  5. Ribena is such a fun colour name! I do love a good sack dress. Especially in winter! Yours is just lovely. Perfect colour! Perfect for winter.

  6. Keeping fingers crossed for you! Great colour on you as well!

  7. I've fallen in love with your Anna Winter Dress. Is the color or the shape that I love? I think it's both. The dress looks so nice on you!

  8. Congratulations Rachel.
    What a great dress. Perfect colour and styling.

  9. Rachel, this is so your style! I love the colour and subtle shaping of it :) Both you and Anna are winning me round to the sack dress way of life- I think I need some killer boots to rock with one though ;)

  10. Awesome colour! I've never sewn with ponti always seemed like it would be tricky. I should give it a go!

  11. great color! And sack dresses are a great blank canvas for accessories, I love that!

  12. Echoing everyone else, the colour really suits you. What kind of research do you do? I used to do molecular genetics research until I had children and found it too hard to find part time work in Adelaide. Good luck!

  13. You know I love a sack. And this sack looks particularly wonderful on you! Go the sack, and go ponte!

  14. loving the colour on you, its perfect, and sleeve length (important!). You really know how to pull of a sack :-)
    I have some ponti from Tessuti in a beautiful mustard colour which is itching to be made up...but into what?
    Oh and the fabric store I'm working in is called Joys (in Geelong). And yes it is dangerous... very dangerous... the stash is bigger than ever...