Friday, February 15, 2013

Vintage Vogue 7164: Dress #2 for the Sydney Sewing Social

Way back in December 2010 Lisa posted her Christmas Party Dress, Vintage Vogue 7164.

Well, I've been trying to source that pattern since then. I almost had it once but got out-bought on Etsy. So annoying. Finally I just buckled and emailed Lisa to borrow her copy. I should have done that in the first place. Colette also had a copy, so when she sent my pattern testing stuff, she sent me the pattern! Yay!

I mentioned earlier that I bought some beautiful Italian printed linen in Brisbane. I decided it would be perfect for this shift dress. So I made it specifically for the Sydney Sewing Social, knowing I'd want to be comfy, and that it would most likely be hot and humid.

What do you think? It is a bit different from my usual style I think. Or maybe not? Linen seems to make up the majority of my wardrobe.....

I originally had my on black wedges, new black dinosaur designs earrings and bangle, and a black bag, but I couldn't hack walking in those wedges anymore. Luckily I came prepared.

Leith took these photos en route from our hotel to the meet-up at Tessuti. I have to say at this stage we'd been on the go since 6.10am (I blame our early-rising children for this), and I was feeling a little bit peakish. But I came good after a salad for lunch and some Gin and Tonics a bit later that afternoon.

I really have to learn not to (a) slouch and (b) not stick my gut out when posing for side-on photos. 

I made two changes:
  1. I lowered the armholes by 3cm and
  2. I lowered the neckline by 3cm. 
I underlined this dress in a very light lawn from Spotlight. The pattern calls for this, and I was very undecided but Lisa told me she hadn't but thought it needed it as linen can be sheer. I'm really glad I did. 

This dress stood up to a breakfast out, a lot of walking, a lot of fabric and other shopping, drinks at the Clock Hotel and dinner at Bill Granger's restaurant. I think it performed well. It was really comfortable and I felt quite chic - I think because the shift dress shape is a chic one (and I was channelling those very cool line drawings on the pattern envelope) - what do you think? 


  1. I love this dress Rachel! Linen is such a wonderful fabric - I think that I need more of it! Underlining sounds as though it was a good idea. Your modifications have worked nicely too. And you will notice that I pretty much never put side-on photos on my blog!

  2. I think its great! Perfect for your Sydney escape and even better IRL :) It was lovely to meet you. Have fun with all your fabric souvenirs. They will be a happy memory of your time away.

  3. I love your dress - it looks gorgeous. I have just found your blog so don't know much about your previous creations. Since you say that you have a lot of linen in your wardrobe, I was wondering what you use as a lining and interlining - or not? I have several pieces of linen that I want to make up. You say this dress is underlined with a light lawn. Do you always do this?

    1. Hi! This is only the 2nd time I've underlined a garment. In saying that, the linen garments I've made are generally not very fitted or are lined and therefore don't require underlining. I generally use an anti-static lining or silk for lining. I used cotton lawn for this as I wanted a natural fibre and I didn't think silk would work. Does this help? I guess I'm saying whether I'd underline linen and with what would depend on the garment.

    2. Thank you so much Rachel - it is a great help. I made some linen pants that after a short while developed a saggy bottom and knees - I should have lined or interlined. I am now making a skirt and will try to line, and see what happens.

  4. Well it def/ looked beautiful in real life - gorgeous fabric and the short waistband is a great detail. Posing for photos is hard!

  5. As you say, this is a really chic dress and the bonus is that it's also comfortable! I love the fabric print too, it's gorgeous as always!

  6. You turned a vintage pattern into a modern dress in a great print. Those waist bands/tabs are a favorite detail of mine in 60s patterns.

  7. It's lovely linen - so comfy for days like today! Looks lovely :)

  8. That dress looks awesome on u!

  9. Love the vintage look with a modern print. Great combo. I am yet to make something with linen. :)

  10. Hello Rachel. This dress has such lovely lines. Sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves on your get to-gether.