Friday, January 27, 2012

A Very Swanky Sorbetto

I've recently jumped on the Sorbetto bandwagon - have you? It is such a cute and easy pattern and is free!

I made this in a beautiful black eyelet from Tessuti that I bought two weeks after Little M was born. I needed to line it, so I used some magenta chiffon from my stash. The binding is the same gorgeous Mokuba wool binding I used for my NY Cape.

I didn't have quite enough of the eyelet to make the full pleat at the front, so I decreased it by approximately 1.5cm. I also stitched the pleat down as the thickness of the eyelet, and the double layer made it stand out from the body too much. I basted the eyelet and chiffon together and treated it as one piece of fabric - I thought about doing a separate lining but thought it would look funny through the eyelet. I made a straight size 6 with no alterations bar decreasing the pleat and stitching it down - though I did hand-stitch on the binding so it looked neat.

Next time I was thinking about lowering the neckline a smidge -what do you think? I really like the Sorbetto top - so easy and cute - I think I'll be making more - perhaps in cotton though so it is more airy for this crazy heat we've been having!

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Most Favourite Skirt in the World

Do you make yourselves a special garment for Christmas day? I do. I've gotten into the habit since I started sewing, and as of next Christmas, I'm going to sew something special for Little M too. I'm also going to sew her birthday dresses every year - I've got the cutest pattern picked out for this year - more on that to come soon.

This year I had a sew myself something that would allow me to breastfeed, and something heat-friendly - Melbourne's weather on Christmas day was tropical - reminded me of my Queensland home! When we were in Italy, Tessuti posted this skirt made by Georgia on their blog. I immediately fell into lust, and wanted to make my own using some of my Singapore cotton. Here is what I came up with:

I used a yoked waistband off a simple skirt pattern, and the tiers are just rectangles of the fabric - the full width and 25cm long. I didn't have enough fabric to make 3 tiers - I stupidly didn't check my fabric width, made the skirt using 3 tiers (1st tier is one piece of fabric, 2nd tier is two, 3rd tier is three), slipped it on to test the fit and looked like I was wearing a bandage on the top half. My fabric was 110cm wide, Georgia's lovely version was 145cm wide. Woops. So I unpicked and started again. Dedication I say.

I fully lined it using a viscose lining from my stash as the fabric is very sheer - the lining makes the skirt more full and very swishy, which I love. Who doesn't love a good twirl?

The best part of the skirt to me though is the pom-pom trim along the hem (completely copied from Georgia). It is from Tessuti, and is extremely cute (Little M thinks so too - she tried to rip it off - I think she's brilliant for using her pincer grip, but would prefer her not to practice on my skirt :-). I used just under 4m.

I feel very feminine in this skirt, and hope to wear it more this summer - I might wear it to lunch with a dear friend of mine today. I don't know what to start on next - got the Colette Patterns Handbook for Christmas from Michael - should I make the Meringue skirt? Any other suggestions?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lisette Portfolio Tunic and More Clovers

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We had a lovely holiday period here, did you? It was great to have Michael at home, and Little M loved Christmas and all the wonderful gifts she received from everybody. And she gave us a wonderful Christmas present - she started to crawl on Boxing Day! Prior to that she had been commando-crawling, but on Boxing Day she really took off. I'm run off my feet keeping up now though!

With Michael being at home I had some time to sew. As I mentioned in my last post, I was hankering for a black pair of the Clover trousers. So they got made - the only change I made was to decrease the front crotch length by 1cm - I think I'm happier with the new crotch length, but haven't worn the pants for any length of time yet to tell.

I also really need a few more 'nice' shirts - I wear t-shirts most of the time, and am sick of them. I don't really have too many shirt patterns in my collection, so at the Clegs Boxing Day Sale, when all patterns are $5, I picked up Simplicity 2245, the Lisette Portfolio tunic.

I made view C, the shirt. It is a very easy make - the only quandary I faced was that my bust size is a size 14 (!!) and the rest of my body equates to a 10. So I went the middle ground and cut a 12, and took in the side seams from the bust point down. Probably not the 'proper' way to do it, but I wanted something that was easy to make. 

I made this out of my lovely Singapore cotton, with some scraps of linen from Tessuti in my stash. I love this blouse - love the collar, and the cute button detail at the back.

I really recommend this pattern - it is a simple project with enough cute details to play around with. I think I'm going to make the longer dress-length tunic - but have so many projects on my mind at the moment!