Monday, July 9, 2012

Melbourne Sewers' Meet-up?

I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my 'lumpy' post. It is sometimes difficult to be body-confident in today's skinny-focussed society, and usually I am pretty good, but I guess having a bub changes things. So thank you, you made me feel good, but also made me feel a little silly (in a really good way) - which I think I really needed.

Anyhoo, recently I was lucky enough to have coffee and morning tea with the lovely Leith of Sew Brunswick Fame. Leith is a Queenslander too, and has two small boys. She is also an incredibly accomplished seamstress - she was wearing one of her dresses and one of her Minoru jackets - guess what I did when I went home? Bought the dress pattern and the Minoru pattern. I couldn't help it - both were so gorgeous.

I had a lot of fun chatting with Leith about all things sewing, that it made me yearn for more. I don't know about you, but none of my Melbourne friends sew. And I am completely consumed with sewing, and need to have someone else to talk to about it besides Michael (who on the weekend accused me (quite rightly actually - not that I'd admit it to him) of being obsessed with sewing.

I am also filled with jealousy every time all the UK bloggers write of their meet-ups - they fabric shop together, drink coffee and wine together and sometimes stitch together. It always sounds and looks like so much fun!

So... I thought I would go out on a limb here and ask if any of the Melbourne-based sewers out there would like to participate in a meet-up? I was thinking about meeting on a saturday maybe and have a coffee? Maybe in the city so it's central for all?

Let me know what you think!

UPDATED TO ADD: After suggestions from ladies who have commented so far, going fabric shopping is looking pretty popular.

If you're keen to meet-up, can you include in your comment how much time you will have - i.e., could you start in Brunswick at the Fabric Store and then go on to Tessuti and then coffee, or would you prefer to go to Tessuti and then to coffee?

Also, can you please say whether you'd be keen for a fabric or pattern or both swap?

And - can you please pick which date you'd prefer:

Saturday 28 July
Saturday 4 August
Saturday 18 August
Saturday 25 August



  1. Yes that would be lovely! I wanted to suggest it ages ago but I didn't have any melbourne followers. If you name the date and time, I'll be there. :)

  2. I'm keen to join in! The City sounds great (and could involve side trips to Clegs & Tessuti). A Saturday would work nicely for me too (so I could leave the kids at home with my husband).
    Regards, Lara ( thornberrylara @ optusnet dot com dot au)

  3. I'd be there in a flash. Count me in! I think Thornberry's idea of a bit of a fabric shopping outing would be a great way to start - bit like a coffee for a first date ;)

  4. Are there any other fabric stores in the area worth visiting? Could we start in brunswick and go into the city? A sewing date, I love it. :) Should we do a fabric/pattern swap like the girls in the UK do?

  5. Ooooh! This is shaping up into such a cool idea!! I guess how many shops we can visit depends on how much time everyone has?

    I love the idea of a fabric/pattern swap! I might update the blog post to ask people what they are keen to do

  6. I'd rather do an early afternoon visit that way it could end at 4-5ish? If people want to hang out after they can? I'd have to come via the train so anything that is easy for PT would be great. :)
    Looking forward to our date ladies.

  7. I want to come! But am in Tassie not Melbourne :( Man I wish we had a Tessuti down here...

    I wondered also if Brown Owls might work for you? There would be knitty/crochet people but also sewers there too? I know there are several in Melbs so that might be a nice thing to join for more regular catch-ups with a group?

  8. Aww! Thanks for the nice comments. Super keen for whatever is going. Can't do the 4th (FIJI!!) but any of the other dates are good. Fabric shopping and coffee/cake sounds fabulous! Except for the fact that Charles gave me a talking to on the weekend regarding my fabric expenditure (which is quite significant!) and I've been put on a fabric ban until mid-September... But he didn't say anything about notions, books or patterns!!

    I'm excited! L x

  9. oh, I'd love to be there too, not sure that I could justify the trip from Tassie :-(

    deadlycraft - have you heard about Ruche fabrics in Launceston - they have some of the same range as Tessuti. Maybe we need to kick off a sewing/craft meetup in Hobart?

  10. I would love to join you.... I also don't have any friends who sew or who really understand my sewing obsession and compulsive fabric shopping... I don't have a blog though.
    Any Saturday in August will work for me. Early arvo sounds good.


  11. I'd love to come too! All those dates work fine for me. I've missed catching up with other stitchers since the BSC club disbanded. What a great idea Rachel :)

  12. I'm free all of those dates and have been dying to make it to the Fabric Store (I've yet to have been there!) so would be happy to start in Brunswick and end in the city for Tessuti/coffee. The afternoon is not a problem for me either - I love the idea of a pattern swap but I don't think I have any fabric I'd be willing to let go of just yet ;)

  13. Hello! I'd love to meet other Melbourne sewers. Last two Saturdays in August work for me. Alas, I too am without sewing friends. Does it matter that I don't have a blog?

  14. The only thing required is a love of sewing, fabric, patterns etc!!! I'd love to meet everyone, blog or no blog!