Monday, April 16, 2012

1st Birthday Party Dresses!

A year has passed since Little M arrived. I can't believe it has gone so quickly. Being a mother has been amazing.. it has been extremely challenging, and extremely rewarding. I can't imagine life without my little darling.

We had a birthday party for her this saturday just been. We had friends, family, and my mothers' group around. There were about 40 people, and it was so much fun. Little M was given a swing set and a slippery slide from my brother and sister and their partners, and all the kids just loved it.

I sewed both Little M and myself party dresses. I used New Look 6970 for Little M's dress:

And I used McCalls 6673 that I have sewn before for mine:

And I think we both looked a treat!

Little M wore a white long sleeved tee and white leggings under her dress, as while it was a beautiful warm day, I didn't want her getting too chilly. Little M's dress is made from beautiful linen and cotton I got from the lovely ladies at Tessuti as a gift when I had Little M (thanks Lisa and Colette!). I have more fabric they gave me which I am planning to sew into some pants and a shirt for Little M soon.

My dress is made from cotton sateen from Spotlight. I don't often fall in love with fabric from Spotlight, but I went there to buy some thread and saw this... and just wanted it badly. So I got enough to make a frock. I wore it with a red patent belt and matching red patent peep-toe flats. I made no alterations from the last time I made it.

I had so much fun preparing Little M's party. I made her a rocking horse cake out of the Vintage Edition Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake book. I love this book.

I was very lucky in that my Mum and Dad came down from Queensland for the party and were able to help out by playing with Little M while Michael and I baked and cooked. And Ruthy was there to help me as well - she did the horse's reins, eye, eyebrow and mouth. And blew up balloons (I'd forgotten how much breath blowing balloons up takes!).

The party was a wonderful marker to commemorate our special little girl. It was also a marker to end my time as a full-time stay-at-home-mum -- I started back at work yesterday. I'm doing 3 days a week, and today I'm exhausted!! At 3pm yesterday I started to yawn and yawn -- I'd forgotten how tiring it is to sit at a computer all day! And my feet hurt like hell from wearing heels all day.

I'm going to sew some work clothes soon - anyone got any suggestions? I have to wear relatively conservative corporate wear. What do you wear to work?


  1. i am totally coveting your dress. it's just perfect in a modern meets vintage kind of way. great job.

  2. You are both gorgeous in your birthday clothes. Looks like a great day.

  3. Love, love, love your dress!! I hear you on returning to work after maternity leave. It's not easy, I also work three days. I am sooo lucky that my workplace is a smart casual, not-for-profit, so all the clothes I make are suitable. Good luck on your return.

  4. Aw, happy birthday to little M! I can't believe it's been a year. Your dress is gorgeous!

  5. Happy Birthday Little M!
    I work 3 days a week and once over the initial shock of returning to work, it really is a good balance. You get to drink your coffee when it's hot and go to the toilet in peace!!

    I have several Simplicity 2599 tops in various silk prints and mix these with black wide leg pants or a black skirt. I also have about 3 simplicity 2444 dresses which i wear with cardigans and belts.

    Clegs has a great polyester blend black suiting that doesn't require ironing and machine washes. I have skirts, dresses and pants in it. Works a charm!

  6. That dress is darling! Love the green & white print. As for office wear - you really can never go wrong with high waisted pencil skirts and bow front blouses. I recently made the Burda Jenny and it's seen a few meetings so far. Also, sheath dresses (particularly this Roland Mouret knock-off: are so perfect for work.

  7. Well it sounds and looks like little M had an awesome first birthday party! You both certainly did look a treat, both dresses are insanely adorable!

  8. Belated b'day wishes little Miss M! You look gorgeous in your frock, even from behind (and Mum looks pretty cute too!) x

  9. Sounds like all had a fabulously good day - love the green dotty-type fabric you made the dress out of? As for work clothes - when I'm in the office I wear a daily uniform of a pencil skirt (burda 8155 is my favourite), with collared shirt (mccalls 5929 is great) or a knit top and cardigan. Comfortable and professional :)