Saturday, October 8, 2011

Simplicity 3688 - 40s Wide-Leg Trousers

Our little family has had a very exciting year so far - having Little M has made life amazing. To further add to our incredible year, we are all heading to Italy for a month in November! I haven't been overseas since our honeymoon 4 years ago, and have never been to Europe, so I am extremely excited!!

Because I am a good Virgo, I have been thinking about and planning mine and Little M's wardrobe. I thought about sewing her a mini-wardrobe, but her lovely Aunty Ruthy gave her the most amazing set of Italy-clothes - a sweet corduroy coat and matching dress, a knitted cap with a pom-pom and matching cardigan, a cute winter dress that is grey, and a long-sleeved tee. So, I will save Little M sewing til she is a bit bigger.

My wardrobe is going to be mostly pants and tops, and here is my list of sewing projects:
  • wide-leg trousers;
  • Colette Patterns' Jasmine blouse;
  • Colette Patterns Clover cigarette pants; and
  • Another Colette Patterns Beignet. 
I've made some headway - have finished the Beignet (will post on this soon!), and have finished the wide-leg trousers - here they are!

They are from this pattern, which has been well reviewed around the traps:

They were easy to sew. I did make a muslin first though. Here are the changes I made:
  • I started with the size 12, and ended up increasing the crotch-depth to a size 16 (I must be really long-waisted). 
  • I also increased the size of the darts, effectively taking the trousers in by 4cm in total. 
  • I also lengthened the darts at the front by 1.5cm. 
  • I lengthened the pants by approximately 10cm so that I could use a generous hem. I think it makes the pants swing out nicely. 
  • I cut the size 14 along the inner leg seam - I wanted them to be really wide without losing the shaping over the hips.
  • I used an invisible zipper.
The fabric is 100% heavy linen from Tessuti - beautiful fabric and easy to work with. Linen frays like the devil though doesn't it? 

Karen of Did You Make That? fame has said these trousers are like wearing a pair of pyjamas, and I have to agree. They are sooooo comfy. I'd like to make another pair in maybe an olive green - would look so chic with a white tee and brown sandals in summer - do you think?


  1. I've seen a few people who have made these trousers, and they've all said the same thing - easy to sew and comfy! I might have to give them a go myself! :)
    I love yours, they look great!
    Ashley x

  2. Ooooh I love navy and white ...they look great Rachel. This pattern has been good to me too...I wear my chocolate ones all the time. You can style them with polos (channeling the 70s)too for cool weather. I am envious of little M's wardrobe.

  3. These are fab Rachel, what a perfect fit you've achieved! And yes, and olive green version would look very chic too! I actually have these trousers on my cutting table and I'm so excited to get them finished, because everyone's version's I've seen so far have been amazing!

  4. Very nice pants. It's a shame you're heading to Italy and not France - this whole ensemble looks very French.

  5. Gorgeous! I love wide-leg pants for that compromise between comfort and presentability. You must be so excited for your trip - are you coming through the uk or heading straight there?

  6. Lovely! I have them on my to sew list - both in denim and linen. (Linen frays like mad! Drives me bonkers!)

  7. Thank you all!

    Sarah- I love the idea of a denim pair!
    Alana- no side trip to the UK unfortunately - we're stopping in Singapore to see Michael's sister, then going Frankfurt to Venice.

  8. LOVE your trousers! They look fantastic! I absolutely adore this pattern too! Ohhh..Italy will be grand! I can't wait to see all your pics!!

  9. Looking so great! Love the combo with the stripy top. Italy for a month... sounds amazing!

  10. I love wide-leg pants for that compromise between comfort and presentability. You must be so excited for your trip.

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