Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Sister-Related Sewing: A Birthday Skirt

You all know my little sister Ruthy now. It was her birthday a couple of weekends ago, and I made her a skirt.

Ruthy is a classic pear shape, so I wanted to make her a skirt that would emphasise her teeny little waist. If I'd had my new Sewaholic Crescent Skirt pattern, I would have made her that, as it is designed specifically for pear-shaped women.

Alas, the Crescent Skirt wasn't even for sale back then, so I made Ruthy the Wiksten Tulip Skirt that I have made for myself before in denim. I made Ruthy's in a Marc Jacobs cotton sateen that I got from the Fabric Store in Brunswick at their 50% off sale:

The fabric was soooo good to sew with, and I've made this skirt a few times before, so it was a good, straightforward project. And it fits her perfectly!

I also made myself one in linen to wear post-pregnancy - I made it a smidgeon larger than I usually wear to accommodate any 'shape changes' - and linen is usually pretty forgiving:

Well, I only have 3 days of work to go until I'm on maternity leave! I am really looking forward to having 3 weeks off before the baby is due (hopefully she doesn't come too early!). Michael took some 'nice' pregnancy photos of me yesterday, so I'll post them this week to give you an idea of the size of my bump!


  1. I love that skirt on your sister - so cute. I really like the linen version you've made for yourself. Three days to go - yippee!

  2. Your Mark Jacobs fabric is absolutely stunning!!! I love both versions of the skirt and keep meaning to try my hand at sewing something with linen!

    Also, I can't believe you're only having 3 weeks off work before you're due! Can't wait to see your baby bump pics!

  3. Thanks to you both!

    Marie - this linen frayed like the devil. Otherwise was a dream to sew.

    I also can't believe I'm only having 3 weeks off - am soooo tired now. I don't sleep so well from having a big tummy, and really feel the effects of that at about 2pm. Ah well - hopefully I get in some afternoon naps in my leave time!

  4. What lovely skirts! What a stellar sister you are, too! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful belly photos. :)

  5. A beautiful skirt. It looks lovely on her. The linen version is very nice as well. Enjoy your time of - rest! rest! rest!

  6. Thank you Sarah and Bernice!

    And Bernice - I am really looking forward to the resting! Can't wait for today be done so I can start my leave.