Saturday, February 12, 2011

Michael's Muslin - Negroni Take #1

This week has been an interesting one. In between trying to start two new journal articles due very soon, and finishing up two others (bring on maternity leave!), I tried a few new techniques to get the Negroni muslin done for Michael. Michael heads off to California (lucky him) for work in a fortnight, so I needed to get moving to be able to have a nicely fitted shirt before he leaves.

So, without further ado, here he is, modelling the muslin!

He looks so sleepy! It was pretty late at night, so I'm grateful he put it on and smiled for the camera!

So, I think it looks pretty good from the front. Michael likes a slim fit, and we've gotten that. The shoulder width seems to be good from the front too.

But - look at the back. Bleh. Do you think this is due to the shirt being too long? I haven't hemmed it, and it is much longer than his RTW shirts. The sleeves also look a little funny - Michael did say he feels the shirt is a smidgeon too tight under the arms - if I deepened the underarm, would that help? Does the shoulder width still look good?

Here he is with his arms in the air:

I'd love your thoughts on fit -- what alterations do you think I'll need to make?

Now I'm back to making some breastfeeding-friendly clothes - a button down slouchy blouse.


  1. Looks like it's all coming together. Sorry, can't give any advice on the shirt - wish I could, but I can't (don't have experience).

    I could probably give more help on giving advice on breastfeeding clothes. Hmmm. I'd go more for slouchy tops that you enter from underneath than through the centre-front. Problem with the button front is that you then have one fully-exposed top-half of a breast when feeding. If the child enters from underneath all is covered. Your top covers the top-half and the child covers the bottom half. Hope this has been helpful. (This all sounds a bit silly when I read it back, oh well)

  2. Welcome to the world of sewing shirts, Rachel. In answer to your query about the back fit I wonder if Michael's shirt is a bit tight around the lower waist and hips - perhaps let out the side seams on your muslin and see how this works.

    Oh and I totally agree with Bernice's comment about breastfeeding friendly clothes - having baby feed from 'under' was preferable for me when we were out (even though it was so long ago I remember it so fondly) - Tshirts were great.

    My word verification was 'nearboy' - it that a hint!

  3. Thanks Bernice and Maree.

    Maree - I'm going to let out the side seams first and see what happens with that. Then Peter from MPB suggested I do a very minimal sloping shoulder adjustment, so I'll see how that changes things too.

    Thanks for the advice about b'feeding. I hadn't thought about going from 'under' - but wearing t-shirts and loose t-shirty blouses will be much easier than trying to get button-down tops now -- I don't know what size to get!

    About the word verification -- I'm going to post my quilt in the coming weeks - the colours in that will give it away!!! It has been very hard keeping it a secret!