Saturday, December 4, 2010

Michaels Lined Pooch Bag for Boo Dogg

This post is a little different, its a wonderful creation by Rachels other half, Me! Michael! This is my first sewing experience, and I think I did a fantastic job (Rachel has her doubts though). She started to make this zippered pouch, using some left over oil skin and fabric, but then I took over and finished it.

I have been told there a lots of things I should have done, like clipping the seam allowances on the inside, poking out the corners etc etc ... But Boo Dogg seems to like it.

I'm not sure what she's going to put in it, but there's plenty of room!

Maybe she'll bury her bones in it for later?



  1. I think Bess will find a million things to keep in her specially made zippered pooch bag. You are a man of many talents Michael, and I hope I'm the beneficiary of your sewing soon!!

    xx Rach

  2. Barf... You guys are too cute right down to the dog! ;-)
    Very impressed with the bag, Michael!

  3. lovely bag Michael! Boo dogg seems to love it. I am sure she will get lots of use out of it.

  4. Great work, Michael! You know, male sewing bloggers go down a storm. I think you should set up your own blog. (And when are we going to hear from Boo Dogg herself?)

  5. Michael, your sewing skills are better than mine as bags scare me! Hehe. Maybe you can sew that new men's shirt from colette patterns. Too cute guys. Also we need a photo of you. Hehe.

  6. Great job Michael! Boo Dogg is so adorable...I especially like that last picture!!

  7. Yay a man who sews! Cute dog and lovely pouch as well!!

  8. Thank you all for your comments! The mens shirt pattern is on the cards for the future...I hope it looks more professional than the bag!

  9. Hi Rachel Just a quick question. I don't know if this is a strange thing to ask but you made a vintage wrap shirt pattern on here a while ago (blogged here and I was wondering if you might let me borrow the pattern for a little while. I would most definately return it to you. I have been seeing the pattern around the blog world and love it but am finding it hard to find a copy of the pattern for myself. Also, I have a few vintage patterns that are too small for me that I thought you might be interested in. I would be more than happy to send these to you as a thank you. Email me at ksultanie(at)yahoo(dot)com