Saturday, November 27, 2010

Making Christmas Gifts

Thank you to everyone's lovely congratulatory messages. It is a treat to have so many people happy for me, and it has made my happy pregnancy hormones even happier!

I'm still making myself some maternity frocks and smocks, but have spent this weekend making some christmas presents for my sister and sister-in-law (and maybe some for me!!). I have been lurking on Tilly's  Crafty Christmas Club Blog since she launched it a while ago, and have been inspired by many of the cute treats people are whipping up over there.

I decided to make some necklaces, and here is what I came up with:

The template for these is the free Amy Butler Fabric Necklace. I used a navy and white polka dot cotton voile for one, and a silk remnant I got from Tessuti ages ago for the other two. You use little foam balls to create the balls - they are super easy and extremely quick to make. And they look cute on.

The second type of necklace is a yo-yo flower necklace:

I made these after seeing them made on the Saints and Pinners Blog. They are a bit more complicated than the fabric necklaces, but really are just whatever number of yo-yos you decide, sewn onto a piece of felt, with buttons in the centres. I made the chains out of 3 strands each of tapestry thread that I plaited then sewed on.

So... what do you think? I am a bit worried the yo-yo necklaces are too crazy - do you think they're cute or just too much?

Next up I'm making placemats for my other sister, mother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law out of this gorgeous Mexican oilcloth Michael and I bought yesterday. Michael is being a good helper-elf and has made me a template for them and cut out the oilcloth.

I am mildly obsessed now with crafting things -- anyone got any good tutorials for little homemade treats?


  1. I think they make cute 'statement' necklaces - a little too busy to be worn with some outfits, but would look great against a solid coloured top or dress.

  2. those are adorable! where did you get the little styrofoam balls from? I have only ever seen big ones. Never little ones like that. I will have to check out Spotlight. I know some people these would be good for. And I love the yoyo necklaces. They're not too much at all!

  3. Hi Kat! The little ones are from Spotlight - about $3 a pack. You need 2 packs for a long necklace.

    Thanks for both your comments!!

  4. Hi, Cute necklaces. I remember downloading the Amy Butler pattern a few years and completely forgot about it - thank for the reminder. They are really quite groovy. I like the yo-yos too but I think you'll have to be careful who you give them to - I'd wear them but I don't imagine they're to everybody's taste. Go for a crafty soul I reckon and they'll be loved and appreciated.

    Crafty gift idea: I've been making flowers for headbands this weekend. I tried out a new technique and it's a winner. I'm moving into brooches next. Check out the most recent post on my blog for the photo and link.

  5. They're gorgeous! Where did you get the foam balls from? I want to make that necklace but have no idea where to get the bits... a foam ball shop?!

  6. Lovely necklaces! What a great idea for Xmas presents. I love the yoyo ones too, not too much in my opinion!

  7. Oooh, those necklaces are so pretty! I linked to this post from my blog, hope that's ok! :)