Monday, February 1, 2010

Marian Martin 9376

The pattern promised such joy -- this was the newspaper cutout for this Marian Martin mail order pattern:

Look! This four-inch-wide bias insert in sleeve and bodice gives you the freedom of action! Reach, bend, sweep - do any active sport - this heavenly sleeve gives you plenty of leeway! Good news! This is a half-size style for shorter figures - no alteration worries!

While my job does not involve any reaching, bending, sweeping or active sport (I work at a computer all day every day), I felt like I would like some new work clothes for my new job.

So, I visited Tessuti fabrics and got some random black fabric from their sale bin. Combining the black fabric with this pattern, this is what I got:

The pattern has some awesome details - asymmetrical buttons, one pocket:

The back looks nice too:

I did have to do some alterations though. Namely taking it in about 3.5cm on each side, which was complicated by that lovely 4 inch bias inset promising so much freedom of movement. At the moment, I am completely bewildered with vintage pattern sizing. I have not had a straight forward garment in ages. 

But, it did turn out nicely:

And now I have a nice new dress for my new job!


  1. Wow! I love those buttons! I always promise to make more black dresses, I end up wearing them more often that way. This one is great - but yes, I wish that vintage sizing were more predictable. A straight-forward dress??? Let's keep wishing :)

  2. Comfortable yet womanly, and the button detail is charming! Your dress makes me feel like putting more faith into pattern envelope drawings -- this finished product is every bit as chic as the illustration.

  3. Cute! I have that problem with vintage sizing too - there always seems to be a lot of extra fabric somewhere, no matter how small the size. I suspect it's because of vintage undergarments. Also, I'm viewing any drawing with a belt with suspicion, because I'm finding that those styles are often supposed to be blousy, though it is almost never shown in the illustration.

  4. Thanks everyone!! Vintage sizing is so unpredictable isn't it? I made two vintage skirts for work recently. One was a 26" waist, and I had to take it in about 5cm. The other one was a 28" waist and the waistband is too small. So weird. The 26" one is finished, the other one is in the pile until I have more patience.

    Enken - those buttons are from Spotlight! I sometimes find something really nice at Spotlight. Last weekend they were having a sale and I got some gorgeous quilting cotton for about $4 a metre. Yay!!

  5. Gorgeous!!! Love the button detail down the front :)

  6. gorgeous! I love that the buttons are not in a straight line. It adds an extra element of fun!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I love the buttons and the side pocket. Hysterical description!

  8. Really nice dress! I love the buttons. I can imagine that Vintage sizing is quite strange. I have never worked from a vintage pattern, too scared of too many alterations. I have a hard enough time with contemporary patterns.

  9. I love this! I admit I never would have given that pattern a second look; some of those MM patterns look like they would have to be completely redrafted to go from frumpy to cute. But this is absolutely perfect. You did a spectacular job!!