Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vogue 8805 Revisited

I like to get good value out of sewing patterns, and have no issue sewing the same thing more than once. How do you feel about that? My reasoning follows that:

  • If I like the style, or if the style looks good on me, I could probably do with more than one in my wardrobe;
  • Patterns are expensive and I want to get my money worth; and
  • If I take the time to fit and tweak a pattern so it fits me nicely I  will probably want to revisit it. 
The Vogue 8805 dress I have to show you today didn't really require that much tweaking - I just lowered the neckline by 2cm, but I did love my last version, and I've decided that this summer is the Summer of the Shift Dress.

I was also spurned on as I had a small remnant of the grey crinkle linen from Tessuti (sorry, I couldn't find it on their website) that was too small for really anything. I thought about making something for Little M out of it, but didn't think grey was her colour. 

Grey isn't really my colour either, but teamed up with this coral linen bought at Joy's Fabric Store in Geelong, I think I can do it. That coral is divine and this linen is a truly beautiful quality. It is heavy-ish but still really soft.

I wore it to work last week on one of the really hot days with my Elk wedges, Elk necklace and Elk matching earrings. Can you tell I love Elk?

This is the size 12 - the same size I sewed last year. It is looser on me now - Michael thinks I should have graded down a size through the body (the shoulders are perfect at a 12). What do you think? I'm pretty happy with it as it is, but I'm coming to realise I like quite a lot of ease in my clothes.

Back view. I really like the colour combo! I especially like that I have only used two colours on this one. So… there is my V8805.

In other news, me, LeithAnna, and Lara are going to Sewjourn this weekend! To say I am excited is an understatement. A whole weekend of sewing, sewing-related talking, good food, and excellent friends. I need a bit of a weekend away. Life has been very hectic of late and my health is pretty poor.

Finally, my Mum and Dad visited this past weekend. On Saturday we headed into town to see the Myer Christmas windows and so that Mum could take me fabric shopping as my Christmas gift. We went to Tessuti - pictures to follow soon. We went to lunch in Federation Square where they had a maze of Christmas trees - my little babe was in heaven. The sun was shining and we all chased her round and round the maze. I took a breather on a mat while she kept going - her energy levels amaze me!!!!!!!!


  1. I think your dress is very lovely. Personally, I don't have a problem with repeatedly reusing patterns. After all, I paid for it because I liked it.

  2. Have fun at Sewjourn! I'm so jealous and wish I could have made it. I really want to come down to Melbourne again next year. Let me know when your next catch up or cocktails is. Love the dress too!

  3. No problems with repeat pattern use here either ;) And another lovely make! Looking forward to seeing what fabric goodies you got and - hope you guys have a really wonderful weekend away of sewing!!

  4. Re-using a pattern = TNT patterns.

    I once made four shirts from the same pattern. The only variations were in button placement, collar type and fabric.

    Sewjourn sounds so good. I'm just a lot envious.

  5. Love the dress! I really like how the crinkle linen is a bit sheer and you can see your legs through it. I love reusing patterns. It is easier, quicker and you know what you're going to get. I often plan multiple versions from the get go. Cant wait for Sewjourn!!

  6. Of course you should reuse patterns! If you lik'em, you like'em, right?
    great colorblocking! Lovely dress, Rachel!

  7. Super Cute! Love the dress.

    I plan on using the same philisophy with sewing as I do with shopping. If I really love something. I pick it up in as many colors as I can. Why not do the same with patterns. Make it up in an many different types of fabrics as I can!


  8. I love the dress too! And when you are on a good thing, definitely stick to it. I am cutting out my third version of this pattern today. And in terms of fit, you need to go with the amount of ease that you feel comfortable and good in. A shift like this can do with decent ease, I think. And YES I can't wait until the weekend either!

  9. ps - are you on Elk's mailing list? They have a warehouse sale every couple of years. The last one was only a few months ago, but it's definitely well worth waiting for. I love their jewellery too.

  10. Before I started sewing I never understood the idea of buying a RTW item in many different colours but now I have no problem making the same pattern many times for myself. You look lovely in this pattern, the colour match is spot on.

  11. Hi Rachel, I have a newbie question if you have the time! I am in the (early) process of making this dress and I'm ready to lay out the pattern pieces and cut. But . . . when I look at the illustration for how to layout the pieces, it seems . . . incorrect? Take for example pieces 7 and 6. It says to have pattern piece 7 right side up and piece 6 wrong side up, according to the shading. But when I actually follow that instruction, my result is a mirror image of what it shows on the illustration. Same goes for the rest of the pieces. What am I missing here? Is the illustration incorrect? Thanks so much in advance! You could also email me at mlchamlee AT gmail DOT com

  12. DOh! I see there is another chart for the shading of "pattern pieces" - problem solved. :)