Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grainline's Maritime Shorts

Here is the last thing I sewed for my Queensland holiday with Little M - the Maritime Shorts Pattern from Grainline Studios.

Do you know I forgot to get a single outfit photo of me while I was away? I was too busy taking photos of Little M with her three little cousins. Ah well. I wore this outfit on Wednesday (one of my at-home days) -  it was probably actually a little too cold to wear shorts!

Anyway, onto the pattern. I didn't make a muslin for these. Instead I started with a size 6 (the size Moss Mini I wear), and then measured the crotch length of the pattern against a pair of Country Road shorts I have and love. I lengthened the back crotch curve by 3cm and the hem length by 3cm and that was that.

I think they fit well. Maybe a little loose across the back waistband. I might take a wee bit out of the centre back for my next pair.

The pattern came together easily, just like the Moss Mini. The construction is very similar in fact. I made them out of a denim from Tessuti called Costner - now sold out. It is a lovely denim.

I initially worried they were going to be too short, but I actually like the length. Short but not ass-cheek hanging out the back short. I am a bit self-concious of my extremely white legs though. And I need to do a few squats to tone 'em back up!

I also made this t-shirt, from a Dolce and Gabbana jersey I got from Tessuti at 50% off. Yay for sales! This is the Alexa Tee pattern with the Briar neckline. I'm still not sure the neckline suits me as a t-shirt. What do you think?

So.... my first pair of me-made shorts. I think I like them! I don't wear shorts often, but I must admit these are extremely comfortable. I think they will get a lot of wear in the summer here. Do you think they would work in linen (surely everything works in linen!)?

Pattern(s): Grainline's Maritime Shorts and a frankenpattern of Tessuti's Alexa Tee Top and Megan Nielsen's Briar Sweater.
Fabric: shorts - 1m Costner denim from Tessuti. Shirt - 1.4m Dolce & Gabbana jersey from Tessuti.
Notions: 7" regular zipper, stay tape for the shirt.
Alterations: shorts - lengthened back crotch by 3cm and lengthened hem by 3cm.


  1. You did a great time with your shorts Rachel. Just right for your upcoming spring/summer season.

  2. Very nice. I like the neckline of the tee and the shorts look great. Don't worry about the legs - the old tan in a bottle can fix em.

  3. I think the whole outfit is gorgeous. The shorts are cute and the neckline on the t-shirt looks great!

  4. I agree with vickikatemakes - the whole outfit is great. As to the linen question - yes everything works in linen:)

  5. Awesome shorts! I love them on you. And the neckline of the tshirt is fantastic. I think it definitely suits you.

  6. You're on such a roll lately these shorts on you!

  7. Super cute shorts Rachel - especially with that tee! You look great (and the colour of your legs is completely irrelevant to whether you look great or not).