Thursday, August 1, 2013

Diamonds Are Forever

I was trying to think of a sassy blog post title involving jewels, but couldn't think of one, so this is the Diamonds Are Forever dress.

This is about as 'bling' as I'll ever go - I'm not really into sparkly jewellery, but as soon as I spotted this fabric in Tessuti, I had to have it. The colours are amazing, and this jersey is thick and extremely soft at the same time. It was only $22 a metre too! Down the cheaper end for Tessuti.

I made it up in the Dixie DIY Ballet Dress again for me. I must admit, I wanted another one after seeing everyone's Lady Skater dresses popping up everywhere. I think the patterns are pretty much the same, so instead of buying the Lady Skater dress, I went back to the lovely Ballet Dress Pattern.

I don't really have anything to add after my previous review. This is a simple pattern that uses knits. It came together easily for me as I had adjusted the pattern during my first make.

I have enough left over to make young Little M a t-shirt or a little dress. I'm cutting out a bunch of stuff for her at the moment - have some Alannah Hill jersey that is gorgeous for a dress and some bright cottons for shorts for the upcoming summer. Also some really, really cute cotton from Tessuti for a little Oliver & S dress. I've actually made a lot of stuff for her over the past few months, but find it hard to post about it as Michael and I have a 'no face' on the internet policy with her. Would you be interested in the garments on hangers? They are pretty cute.

I have a few things I've made lately to show you - but I am really excited as this Tuesday I am having a private lesson with Vanessa Lucas to finish fitting and adapting my tailored blazer pattern. It is a vintage 70's blazer with wide lapels. Once I have my lesson with Vanessa, I am going to be obsessed with sewing the blazer I think! Although I also want to sew the Sewaholic Saltspring Dress (even though it is a summer dress and it is freezing here today). What are you all sewing at the moment?

Pattern: Dixie DIY Ballet Dress
Fabric: 2.5m jewel jersey from Tessuti (got quite a lot left over though)
Notions: Stay tape
Size: Small
Alterations: Lengthened bodice by 7cm, took in sleeves by 4cm total.


  1. Rachel this looks gorgeous! What a lovely dress... the fabric is perfect and the colours really suit you. Hanger shots of the littlest outfits you've been making would be fun to see, lucky Little M :)

  2. Love that fabric Rachel! It looks gorgeous on you! I'd also love to see just hanger shots of your recent makes.

  3. I love it and I adore that fabric. I think hanger pics for kids clothes work.

  4. I'd also love to see the Oliver and S dress. I've been itching to buy it for Adele, but have hesitated because its a simple pattern. I know though that O and S patterns are finished beautifully, so will probably get over the line soon.

  5. Yep. Hanger shots of little clothes are so cute.
    Your dress is great.

  6. This. Is. AWESOME!
    That fabric works so well with the pattern and has such a great drape. I am totally jealous of this one!

  7. Love your dress, and I think the blog title is apt! I sometimes get terrible writers block trying to think of post titles and always envy those who come up with funny or cool ones (isn't that silly?)

  8. How about "Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds" dress? It looks kind of psychadelic and also a bit like deep space with multi-color planets. Glorious and flattering too!

  9. This is lovely Rachel, that print is amazing! I've been lusting over the lady skater dress and never realised it's almost identical to Dixie's design...hehe!

  10. Love it! And what a great skirt on that dress, just enough flip (or whatever the technical term for 'fullness' could be!?) for me! I might look into that pattern!

  11. I love this and I want one. What more can I say! It's perfect1

  12. wow look at that cool fabric! And super flattering...winner