Friday, June 21, 2013

Vogue 1314

Well, Leith did it again - she made a dress that I simply had to have once seeing it. This is a tricky decision - given we are mates and go out together socially it can present a situation in which we are both wearing the same thing. The thing is, I wore this dress for the first time out to dinner with LeithAnna, and Lara at Hellenic Republic last weekend and Leith and I were wearing the same dress. In different fabrics, but still the same dress.

But I had to do it. I had to make Vogue 1314:

I made it in a lovely soft knit (I think it is a viscose knit) that Anna gifted me. Thank you Anna! I love this fabric.

I made the size 10 and then nipped it an extra 2cm in total along the waist area on the sides. This pattern runs big - so take note - if you make it, you'll need to size down.

I did also shorten the dress by about 5cm because I had very limited fabric. But I like this length. I think just above the knee suits me.

Apart from that, the pattern came together beautifully. The neckline doesn't gape, the sleeves are a good length. The pattern asks you to secure the gathers along the side seams with seam binding - I used rayon seam binding that I bought yonks ago after poppykettle raved about it. I love this stuff too - it is nice and soft and looks very pretty too. I got mine from etsy.

I feel like this style is a bit of a change for me, but I really like it. I feel quite grown up with a more fitted style! This dress is very comfortable too - I'll definitely be making it again, especially as I really lack winter dresses.

These photos were taken on a gloriously sunny day this week - Anna kindly came over and photographed the clothes I've made recently. I've been having such issues getting photos taken (despite having a camera/photography mad husband), so Anna was a complete lifesaver. Plus we got to have a lovely lunch together and Little M showed off beautifully being her most charming self for her new friend Anna. Anna - she hasn't stopped talking about you all week! 'When will we see my Anna again Mummy' has been her favourite question.

Well, I'm off the cut out a muslin for the fitting class I'm doing next weekend with Leith. Then I'm cutting out the muslin for an Anise jacket - there are soooo many pattern pieces - not looking forward to this!


  1. Your dress is so nice and you made it from just the right fabric. Like your hair cut too!

  2. Looks great! I think the knee length looks good, I know anything lower on me makes me look stunted!

  3. You look gorgeous with a fitted dress! Lovely fabric for you too! So interesting!

  4. Such a perfect mix of pattern and fabric. Great dress! And good photos Anna!!

  5. Lovely - and great fabric choice.
    Tell me - please :-) where do you get your Vogue patterns from? Online/overseas? Or do you wait for sales? I missed the last Clegs $5 sale and they are prohibitive for me otherwise.


    1. Hi! I usually wait for sale time. Luckily Spotlight was having a $5 pattern sale when I got this one, but I've also gone in with Leith before to buy from the online vogue sales when they're $1.99.

      I agree - patterns are sooooo expensive - I can't believe Vogue are $30 each!

  6. This looks great! I bought this pattern as soon as it came out but have yet to make it. Both yours and Leiths are making me more determined to get a winter version out (it is pretty wet and miserable here in Auckland).

  7. This is a perfect match of fabric and pattern! Rocking as always!

  8. Gosh, you and Leith always find the most fabulous of knit fabrics for these dresses! I'm in love with your fabric here. Such a great pattern on you, too!

  9. Love the dress, love the photos, and loved the dinner! Always a pleasure to spend time with you (and become completely inspired by your new frocks).