Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mission Maxi - Modified

A few months ago (!) I made the Jamie Christina Mission Maxi Dress. I'm sure you're all familiar with this lovely pattern. I loved the dress made up as designed, but felt a bit self conscious when wearing it. It is designed to be form-fitting and I'm still not super-confident about my stomach after having a baby. I'm probably being a bit silly but I just couldn't relax when wearing it.

So I had the idea to modify the pattern to make it more 'flowy'. This was pretty easy. I just angled each pattern piece out from the bottom of the armhole. I did this after talking to Lisa about how she modified hers when in Tessuti one day. It was probably the most simple modification I've ever made.

So here she is:

You can sort of see my pattern matching here 

I made it in two remnants of viscose jersey I picked up in the Tessuti remnant sale. I've still got a lot of fabric left from the remnants, so this dress probably only cost me about $10 in fabric. Definitely my cheapest make of late.

I made a little belt to wear with it as Michael told me it was a bit too sack-like (I really can't help it - I love a good sack! I'm obviously a slob at heart).

I like it left loose too. This was my first time attaching binding in this manner on jersey and I love the finished product. The pattern directs you to stitch in the ditch around the binding on the front and it produces such a nice finish.

I have worn this dress ALOT this summer. I'm wearing it now with a cardigan (and without the belt - sorry honey!). I'm thinking I might even be able to wear it in autumn/early winter with boots and a thicker cardi. What do you think?


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  2. OOOh, it's truly lovely! I love that it's not too clingy, which is my may trouble with most maxi dresses/patterns - and your fabric choice is beautiful as always! I may well have to take your alterations into account for my very own maxi this summer, as I do love a good maxi. Oh and you can totally toughen it up for a winter look too!

  3. I really like this less-clingy version. The fabric choice is so striking. These colours will definitely make it easier to convert into a cooler weather outfit.

  4. I love this on you! What baby tummy????

  5. Belly?! Ha, I'll show you belly ;) You look great, no hint of a belly in sight. But that being said, I do prefer things not too tight so I like the idea of flaring out the pattern a bit. I think it will be a great dress to transition in to cooler weather.

  6. Looks gorgeous, honey! Perfect for the heat :)
    ps. I'm going to be in Melbourne for a couple of days (March 18-20) visiting my little sister. Let me know if you're around and free for coffee, would be lovely to meet up x

  7. Love it! I need another maxi. Must add it to my list for this weekend. Better take the big bag!! I am super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You look super in this - think it will be great with autumny/wintery accessories...J

  9. Gorgeous! I love the fabric you chose. I have been finding that in summer I move towards more 70s style clothing so that I can get away from the fitted dresses and wear the more hippy boho styles. Sacks are great! Guys just don't get it.