Saturday, February 12, 2011

Michael's Muslin - Negroni Take #1

This week has been an interesting one. In between trying to start two new journal articles due very soon, and finishing up two others (bring on maternity leave!), I tried a few new techniques to get the Negroni muslin done for Michael. Michael heads off to California (lucky him) for work in a fortnight, so I needed to get moving to be able to have a nicely fitted shirt before he leaves.

So, without further ado, here he is, modelling the muslin!

He looks so sleepy! It was pretty late at night, so I'm grateful he put it on and smiled for the camera!

So, I think it looks pretty good from the front. Michael likes a slim fit, and we've gotten that. The shoulder width seems to be good from the front too.

But - look at the back. Bleh. Do you think this is due to the shirt being too long? I haven't hemmed it, and it is much longer than his RTW shirts. The sleeves also look a little funny - Michael did say he feels the shirt is a smidgeon too tight under the arms - if I deepened the underarm, would that help? Does the shoulder width still look good?

Here he is with his arms in the air:

I'd love your thoughts on fit -- what alterations do you think I'll need to make?

Now I'm back to making some breastfeeding-friendly clothes - a button down slouchy blouse.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MPB Negroni Sew-A-Long: Day 1

Today started the MBB Negroni Sew-A-Long. Peter instructed us to essentially prep our pattern - read the instructions, choose the size, trace the pattern pieces etc. 

Michael decided he wanted a short-sleeved shirt (I'm a little disappointed, as I wanted to do a sleeve placket), so I've traced for that version. I am however, going to adapt the collar to a traditional collar rather than the one-piece camp collar the pattern provides for. That will be a challenge. 

I measured Michael up and he is a medium at the neck and chest, but between a medium and large for the waist. We measured the waist on the shirt pieces, and decided to trace off the medium. I use a light-weight interfacing to trace patterns - it is great, as it generally sticks to the fabric really well which means I don't have to pin. 

About a fortnight ago Michael and I were in the city at a photographic exhibition and one about Australian fashion over 100 years (both finished now but excellent). Tessuti's fabric sale was about to finish, so I took Michael in to choose his fabric and buttons. He chose a green shirting and buttons that look like they are made of mother-of-pearl. So I really am prepped for sewing it up now!

So - here are the materials for Michael's b'day shirt!

So - day 1 down. 

I am sewing a little for myself at the moment. It has been extremely hot here the last few days and I have no energy. Zip. I feel massive from the heat too. I am also low in energy as my mum is really sick. She had a hole in her lung at the end of last year, and it has happened again. She was operated on today, but it isn't clear if she'll be better now. It is scary - my mum is only 54. She did smoke for 40 years, but it is hard to think of your parents as anything but invincible. 

Anyway, hope all your sewing is going well, and you'll hear more Negroni updates from me soon.