Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello.... Advice Please!

Hello! Thank you to all who left such lovely messages on my last post. They were so nice to receive!

Life has been CRAZY! Little babes are so much work, but my word, they are worth it. Our bub has been growing so much! She turned 6 weeks old on tuesday. She's gained nearly a kilo since birth, has started to smile, lifts and turns her head... she does so much!

I've had a bugger of a time getting breastfeeding going, but now it is under control. I was so despondent when it looked like it wasn't going to work out - I've battled grazed nipples, mastitis, and a little bub who has a 'barracuda' style of feeding - but all has come good now and we're on track. Phew.

I also finally feel like I have energy for a few extra-curricular pursuits, so, you guessed it, sewing is on my mind!! I'm slooowly working on Michael's b'day shirt (now over a month late), but I want to sew something for myself to wear. So - your advice please!

I have some of this lovely viscose knit from Tessuti - this is the only image I can find with the fabric (hope it's okay that I'm using this pic Tessuti ladies!):

It is a lovely blue colour, with silver lines shot through it. It is 176cm wide, and I have 2m. It is really cool fabric. What should I make? I need it to be breastfeeding compatible. Any ideas? I originally thought of Tessuti's Fave Top pattern, but am unsure now. I'd love some suggestions!

I hope you're all doing well - I'll post some pics of Michael's shirt soon - have still got to do the buttonholes, buttons, sleeve hems, and shirt hem. And I've got to go slow, as my sleep-deprived brain is not as sharp as it used to be!


  1. Maybe some kind of wrap top? I don't know, never breastfed so I'm sure my suggestions are horrible! Glad to hear you and bub are doing well! It's really good you are able to take time for yourself.

  2. Congratulations Rachel on the arrival of your little one. As you know I'm a fan of the Fave Top and it would work easily as a breast feeding top and look stylish too. In winter I layer it with a fitted stretch black top to extend the sleeves and fill up the neck in the chilly months. It looks great back with tight pants or a fitted shorter skirt with opaques.
    I wasn't a fan of button through styles whilst I was breastfeeding, so anything loose and simple would look great because the fabrics so lovely!

    Or you could make this old favoutite into a top -
    and wear a cardi over the top (Country Road has great ones plus their having a SALE soon). The crossover should be easy for breastfeeding. Just a thought, as I love this style on you!

  3. Yay - happy to see you back hun! I have no experience with the breast feeding thing but would something with a decent cowl neck work for easy access?

  4. Yay! So great to see you back blogging. Glad to hear your wee one is well!

    I like this nursing top pattern:

    or this nursing dress:

  5. Hello Rachel
    You have so much fabric - which immediately suggests a dress - however I found dresses tricky for feeding. I always wore separates for breastfeeding - loose shirts or T-shirts so little miss could feed underneath. Have you thought of putting this fabric aside for the future - and making a boat neck T Dress or wrap dress with it - and shout yourself some other knit fabric for a top? Hope you and little miss are well.

  6. Of course it's OK! There's a very b'feeding-friendly top in the Drape Drape (1) book that would look great. Otherwise, a similar loose, casual dress/tunic would be perfect.

  7. Fabulous to hear your little one is almost 6 weeks old!!! wow! Must be amazing! I love this fabric and think it would look really good in the 'fave top' pattern!!!!

  8. What about (I'm not sure why it is coming up as an evening dress because it is a casual wrap dress.)

    I have heard good reviews of the pattern, it is breastfeeding friendly and also very wearable in another 12months or so when you stop feeding --or five years, you know, each to their own ;)

  9. Just about any top can be used for breast-feeding, it just takes being creative with the way you wear it.

    One suggestion - put 9" invisible zippers in the side seams of dresses, close-fitting tops and such like.

  10. Tessuti's fav top would definitely work. It's also something that could be used as a layer during winter. You could actually wear one of those breastfeeding tanks by Bonds (I think) that are accessed from under the bust. That way your belly will stay warm and won't be exposed to the elements when you lift the top to feed the bub.

  11. Take a look at this one: