Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Bags

I'm officially on holidays now! Yay! We arrived at the beach yesterday and had a swim - the water is just gorgeous. Unfortunately today is bucketing with rain, but it has been nice reading books and relaxing. Although boo dog hates it. I'm using michael's iPhone to post this, but I'd written it before going so it should make some sense!

As you may know, I decided to try my hand at crafting some Christmas presents this year. I made some necklaces for various women in my life, but wanted to make something else. I was starting to feel like I may have to hit the stores until I saw Tilly's post on a cute fabric bag she had made as a gift for her sister-in-law. I immediately wanted to make some. 

I had a look in my stash and found some small pieces from projects past. I decided I wanted to make three - one for my mum, my sister, and my sister-in-law. Using the same pattern as Tilly, the Buttercup Bag by Rae, I made these three bags in two evenings:

The one up top is made of linen, for my mum, the checked one is Japanese cotton for my sister-in-law and the other one is cotton sateen for my sister.

I changed the pattern so that the pleats went toward the centre - the original pattern has them all going in one direction. I then made the centre pleat a two-fold pleat. 

Here is a close-up (sorry the pics do not show the detail very well!):

All in all, they turned out very well, and were very easy to make. I am going to make myself one out of the same linen as Mum's. 

Did you craft any Christmas pressies this year?


  1. Good work! That pattern's great, isn't it? I made three more this weekend but adapted the pattern to make them zipped up make up bags. Will reveal soon (when it's light enough to take a picture!).

  2. I think they are almost as good as boo dogg's bag that I made! Just kidding, very lovely work rach. I think boo dogg would like one!

  3. What nice gifts! I'm still madly trying to finish my one Christmas present I'm making - a men's shirt for my Mr Sewaholic. Pressure's on!

    Enjoy your holidays and have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Love the bags! Especially that linen one :)
    I have one more sewing present to finish, and then some cooking ones, but I try to do handmade presents each year - if only for my kids :) I can't show any of them off yet though, as my family read my blog.

    Have a fabulous Christmas!