Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big News! With Related Sewing Project

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but I have been a more slack-than-usual seamstress and blogger this past little while (well, I have felt that way anyway).

The reason for this is that Michael and I are having a little baby! We will meet this little person at the end of April next year - meaning I'm about 19 weeks.

I was very tired for the first trimester, and used all my reserves for work, but then at almost exactly the beginning of the second, I got my energy back, my appetite back, and started sewing again.

I've just had to to start wearing different clothing - my fitted-around-the-waist work clothing and play clothes are too snug for comfort now, so I've been doing some sewing to compensate!

So... onto my first actual maternity outfit.

It is Simplicity 2554, which I think is from the 1960s - I couldn't find it on vintage patterns Wiki.

And here is my version made in cotton sateen from my stash:

I'm wearing it with leggings here, which are soooo easy to wear with an expanding belly.

The blouse came together nicely - I had to draft my own sleeve facings, but that was okay, and not very difficult. The only part of the blouse that needed attention paid to it was the bow, as it directed you to make 'soft pleats' - something I had never come across before. But all turned out in the end:

I also made a vintage maternity skirt from this pattern:

It was an easy pattern, but I had to take approximately 40cm out of the skirt overall (from the side seams and centre back seam). Annoying. I made this one from a wool ponti knit, which was a dream to sew with. Here it is with the blouse:

The skirt does up with a drawstring, and is still a little big, but I'm assuming I'll grow into it!

I've also made two dresses from the same pattern, but that shall be for another post.

So - the beginning of dressing for pregnancy! For those of you with children, what did you wear throughout your pregnancy? And those of you who don't have children, what maternity styles do you like?


  1. I love the empire waist style on tops & dresses as it a flattering style for most ladies. Will you be doing the crepe dress? I don't have any children myself but I think whatever you feel comfortable in will be fine. You have such great style anyway. Congratulations Rachel, when do you find out the sex?

  2. The top looks lovely. I always like maternity wear that still looks a bit stylish or groovy rather than 9 months in a mumu. I spent most of my pregnancies/breastfeeding time in tops with empire lines which means I can no longer wear them - can't get past the association.

  3. Awww, how freakin' cute are you?! I can't wait to see what else you make to accommodate your growing belly! :)

  4. Oh Gosh! congratulations to both of you :-) Love the top! you are such a talented little thing!

  5. What exciting news...congratulations! I did not sew before I had children, I wish I had been able to make some lovely clothes like you have. I spend most of my time in jeans then and now, but most maternity jeans are dreadful!

  6. Congratulations! That is fantastic news. I saw a great maternity version of the vogue 8380 dress on the tessuti blog. It looked lovely. Would be great for the australian summer. Here is a link:-

  7. OMG I'm so stoked for you, and to find out via a maternity vintage pattern listing. HOW CUTE !

    That's fabulous news.

    CONGRATULATIONS. I love a baby !

    Personally maternity clothing took a low priority, but oh, all those fabulous things you can make for kiddly winks, that's where the fun begins.

    Congrats again, I'm so happy for you.

    Gush gush. STOP. I can't help it!


  8. Congratulations!!!
    I didn't sew before kids, but my mum did make me some clothes. Mainly because by the time I was big enough to fit into maternity wear, the shops seasonal stuff had changed. Mostly it was over-sized shorts and tees for work - I had a lovely denim skirt though for going out. Nothing very stylish like your gorgeous top and skirt though....
    Hope it all goes smoothly and well for you :)

  9. Thank you everyone! Michael and I are extremely excited.

    Kat - we find out the sex in about two weeks. I'm pretty excited about that. At first I was ambivalent about finding out, but Michael is very keen to find out, and that got me curious.

    Bernice - the two dresses I'll post next are empire waisted. Hopefully wearing them won't ruin the style for me!

    Kat - the 8380 on Tessuti is gorgeous - I think I'm going to have to make one. I've made a long one before, but I think in a soft voile would be perfect. And I'll have to alter it.

    Lore -- thank you!!

    Thank you again to everyone!!

  10. Oh my goodness, congratulations! This must be so exciting for you :) my favourite kind of maternity wear are tops like that first pattern you posted - so stylish!

  11. Congratulations - it is the beginning of a great adventure! I was mostly pregnant during winter so leggings and a variety of swing tops - comfort is most important! (esp in the underwear department!)
    And I think the number of the pattern and the style of the envelope would indicate late 1950's (but it's all an inexact science....).

  12. Aaawww, chickadee! That's just awesome.
    Love to you and your wee growing family.

  13. Congratulations, best wishes for you and the wee one!

  14. Congratulations again Rachel! I'll dig out those vintage maternity patterns i was telling you about for the next time you pop into Tessuti.xx

  15. Congratulations! Nice idea to keep on with vintage clothing while pregnant, your black and white top is gorgeous :)

  16. Goodness - everyone in blogland seems to be having a baby at the moment - congratulations!
    I'm 28 weeks preg and haven't found any patterns I like yet although I do have a Burda mag from earlier in the year that have a couple of potentials. I've bought a pair or maternity jeans and a maternity denim skirt and I'm mostly going to slum it! But then I don't have a job at the moment so I can get away with it.

  17. That's wonderful news Rachel. I love hearing about new babies!

    Good luck with the maternity wear - I wore mainly hipster pants and tops fitted over my bust and the flowing beneath. Whatever works.

    Start your Ottobre kids subscrition now - you will love sewing for bubs.

    Wow 19 weeks! You are good at keeping secrets!

  18. Rachel, I've got a pattern you might like its for maternity pants or shorts its Kwik sew 769. If you want it, its yours. Just let me know. :)Heres pic/link:

  19. Oh! - you look so lovely - congratulations again to you and Michael - you will make a beautiful baby. This is such a lovely top - you look chic and cute. I am so chuffed for you.

  20. CONGRATULATIONS!! What marvellous news! :)

    Your outfit looks fabulous! I love vintage maternity patterns. Here's a whole bunch of cute ones from the 60's:

    I wore a lot of tops and trousers when I was pregnant with Miss Friday. A nice knit black dress was a lifesaver.

  21. omg! I am SO EXCITED for you both! Congratulations!!! Such wonderful news.....I am also so happy you are sewing up vintage maternity outfits--they are so nice! I love the tunic/dress and skirt!

  22. Congratulations! That is one groovy maternity top.

  23. Congratulations! During my pregnancy, I lived in leggings because they were so comfy. I preferred empire line tunic tops and dresses on top because at least it gives you some shape. Oh yeah and I needed higher necklines to stop those big old maternity bras pecking out! Sarah is right - a black knit dress can be accessorised a million different ways and is great for when you want to dress up a little.

  24. Congratulations! Your top looks lovely; that fabric is great!

    I have 2 vintage maternity patterns from my mother-in-law, if you would like them I can send them your way. They are bust 32-33, so you may need to size them a bit. I know she made and wore them both when she was carrying my husband and his brother. :^)

    May you have a wonderful and safe pregnancy.

  25. Oh wow, congratulations!!! That's wonderful, I'm so happy for you! Love your first outfit, it's so pretty! I look forward to seeing your vintage maternity wear and have no doubt you'll still be as stylish as ever :) Congrats again!!

  26. Congratulations, that's so exciting! Is this your first baby?

    I've not had kids but I do like the wraparound maternity styles, you see them in dresses and tops and they look super comfortable but also really stylish. I always thought they're a great idea because I assume as you grow, you can loosen the tie to compensate, meaning hopefully you can wear the same top throughout your pregnancy, rather than having to ditch it halfway through and find something else that fits!

  27. Congratulations!!! What exciting news. :) I just love that you're making your own maternity clothes; I am determined to do the same (I can't get excited about 90% of the rtw maternity out there ;) when and if the need arises!

    Can't wait to see what other lovely pieces you whip up!

    ♥ Casey | blog

  28. Congratulations! How exciting! Excited to see all your maternity wear. Love your tunic and skirt!

  29. Wonderful news! Looking at your lovely tunic and skirt really makes me wish I'd started sewing for myself before having children, rather than after! Looking forward to seeing your next maternity outfits.

  30. Congratulations! Oh what joy! I understand about the first trimester thing---I was totally tired during mine as well. You look so great in the maternity top. There's nothing more beautiful than a stylish pregnant Woman:)

  31. Congratulations Rachel! That is darling news!

    I came by to return your comment, and answer your question and now I feel all gushy and happy!

    The skirt from my recent post is an old one, but it was an op shopped fabric peice, so I have no idea where the fabric came from unfortunately! It's kinda shiny light stuff though, and really good for all seasons!

    Can't wait to see more mat gear, and if you run out of patterns, I have a few 1960 ones you can borrow!

    All the best, xoxo

  32. You look fabulous.

    I look forward to seeing your maternity fashion. I made a couple of big 80's tent dresses during my latest pregnacy.
    If you are interested I have a few vintage maternity patterns that I will happily pass your way. All for a great cause....

  33. Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely congratulations!

    Nikki - thank you, you know I'll be in soon :-)

    Kat, KibitzKnitz, and Khriste, thank you so much for your lovely kind offers. I might wait and see what Nikki has, as she's pretty close by. But you might hear from me soon!!

    Amy - yes, this is my first baby.

    I'm sewing a Vogue DKNY dress at the moment that has an empire waist - so all you lovely ladies who suggested that style were thinking exactly like me! Or was I thinking like you? I've made the front a little longer to compensate for growing. It is rated average and has some techniques I've never done before, so hopefully it will turn out.

    I've sewn up a black knit Vogue DKNY dress -- and a red one, and will post them later this week. So far I've worn the black one more than anything else I've made -- Sarah - I think I might make another black one for when the other one needs washing!!

    Thank you again for all the lovely comments, I've been walking around smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy!

  34. Well congratulations! That's exciting news.
    I just made up Vogue 8615 inspired by your version, though mine didn't turn out as well. I linked to yours, hope that is okay!

  35. That blouse is really cute, and I love the fabric!

  36. Congratulations! I haven't had as much time to read blogs as I usually do so have only just seen this post. That's such great news! This is lovely, and I'm looking forward to seeing more maternity dress stitching...