Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cynthia Rowley Dress: Simplicity 2443

The final dress in my montage!

Made from this pattern:

Here is my version:

This is what I wore on Saturday - the day of my birthday. Michael and I had plans to drive to Hanging Rock and have a picnic with my Mum, Dad, sister and her boyfriend, but it was pouring on the day. So instead we drove to Hanging Rock and went to the cafe there. My lunch was disgusting. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich that had avocado and a capsicum, corn and onion salsa in it. Sounds nice right? It would have been if it didn't come with half a bottle of sweet chilli sauce poured over the top. It was gross. We couldn't see the Rock due to the rain, but the drive was kind of fun.

But onto the dress! I made it in a ponte knit from Tessuti. I'm in the process of making the jacket, but have stalled a bit. The dress construction is not too bad. The opposing curves of the yoke are quite tricky, but as this had been flagged by previous reviewers, I hand-basted that entire seam in to ensure it wasn't going to be naughty when I was sewing it. It sits quite well now - here is a picture from the back:

And a close-up of the front:

Like my necklace? Michael gave it to me for my b'day! That and tickets to see Mary Poppins (which we saw last night and it was awesome :-)

The only alteration I made was to add 5cms length to the bodice -- other reviewers had said it was a bit short-waisted. I kind of wish I hadn't. I was wearing it when in at Tessuti the other day and the lovely ladies there thought I should shorten the bodice so it sits on my natural waist, and take in the side seams a little. What are your thoughts?

It is a very comfortable dress, but the yoke is not for the faint-hearted. I really needed to take it slow and steady, but thankfully it went in okay the first time.

My review is posted here if you'd like to stop by.  


  1. See, I was all ready to ask if this counted as a casual item when there you go dressing it up again with that awesome necklace.Casual, schmasual, it looks amazing.

  2. Lovely dress! I think it would nice with the waist a little higher but it looks lovely just the way it use too. I really want to go see Mary Poppins. I really hope they come to Brisbane. Or at least Sydney so I can fly down and see it.

  3. Hehehe thanks Alana! I had to wear the necklace -- how could I not?

    Thanks Kat - I think I will take it up a smidge. Just got to work out how I can do that without having to unpick the whole thing. Mary Poppins was truly awesome - I loved every second of it. Fingers crossed they come to you!

  4. Rachel that is awesome! I have this pattern and some beautiful blood red knit ready to sew this up...I love your version and congratulate you on gettng those curves right first go~

    I think it's a bit hard to see whether any adjustents are needed as the photos are quite dark, but the shillouette is quite nice.

    Your birthday seems to have never ended! Mine starts next week, I am wishing for some sewing time...

  5. I think the dress looks lovely. Oh and happy birthday!

  6. Lovely dress! It's such a fabulous wardrobe essential. Great necklace, too, what a pretty gift!

  7. Great dress! I love the necklace! He has awesome taste!

  8. This is such a cute dress on you! I love it in black. I'm new to your blog and am happy I stumbled on it. I've added you to my blogroll to keep track of all your cool projects. I look forward to following along with you.


  9. The necklace is perfect! I like this in black, I have the pattern in my stash somewhere, This makes me want to sew it! Are you going to make another version with a higher waist? I think it looks fine like this but it would be interesting to see..

  10. Thanks everyone - about the dress and the necklace. I think I will make another one with a higher waist -- but not for a little while. Have a few other things in the queue (when I can actually get some enthusiasm to sew them!)

  11. I love this skirt, i want one for me for this summer :o)