Friday, July 16, 2010

Vintage Notions - I'm in Heaven

A while ago my beloved favourite fabric store Tessuti posted about a new vintage sewing and craft store in Melbourne called L'uccello. I finished work a little early on thursday (also pay day hehe) and had a bit of time to kill before meeting my friend to walk home together.

So I went to L'uccello of course! And got some lovely goodies!

I've also included two lots of vintage buttons I bought from etsy - so, working from left to right, here's what they are:

1. Nine Navy blue and white vintage buttons from the 1940s. I plan to use them on a navy linen shirt dress. They were $4.50 from etsy.

2. Eight Yellow and mother of pearl vintage buttons from the 1940s. I'm planning a button down blouse using a Burda pattern my friend Maree sent me. They were $3.50 from etsy.

3. Three White flower vintage buttons from the 1950s. I've got a lovely Project Runway shirt dress pattern that only requires 3 buttons, so they'll be used for that  - any fabric/colour suggestions? They were $9 from L'uccello.

4. 1940's casein yellow belt buckle. Unsure what I'll use it for yet, but loved the shape, and for $4 from L'uccello, I had to have it!

5. Vintage metal teeth zippers. $1 each from L'uccello. The red and grey ones have had the teeth dyed to match - how cool! I bought these as I'm going to follow The Cupcake Goddess' instructions for doing a handpicked lapped zipper on a BurdaStyle Sidonie skirt I'm making out of the rest of my coat fabric.

If you live in Melbourne, L'uccello is quite reasonably priced, and is like a lolly store!


  1. Yay for fun new notions! It's so fun to buy the trims first and then figure out how to use them. You could use ANY colour to show off those cute white flower buttons, I'd pick something bold so the white really pops, a bright fun shade of your favourite colour!
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Thanks for the tip off! I have to unravel my sewing room before I buy new/old things but once I'm settled, I'll pop by!


  3. Oh! I can only imagine what heaven that shop must be! Those flower buttons are particular gems.

  4. I love notions. I did my first hand picked zipper today on a skirt - much much easier than I thought - in fact easier than machine sewing - none of the 'holding your breath' that often accompanies zip insertion.
    I can tell 'you are back' Rachel (after the arm saga).

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Maree - I surprisingly found it easy too. I thought I was going to labour over it but it was so nice to sew and I really loved the hand sewing! Although it killed my arm in the end. But I do feel like I'm back! At last!