Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Pattern Contest on Pattern Review

I am thinking about entering the vintage pattern contest on Pattern Review. Is anyone else?

There is about 10 days left, so I better get moving if I am.

I'm thinking of making this dress from the 1940s:

I've made View 3 previously, but am thinking I would make View 2 with the neck tie. I have my eye on this fabric to make it with:

It is a soft drape-y Japanese cotton (I actually don't know if the fabric store still has it in stock, I am hoping they do).

Do you think this fabric is too busy to make View 2 with? Do you think it will still look vintage-like if made up in this fabric?

I'd love your thoughts! I'd also love to hear if anyone else is entering, and what you are making if you are!


  1. Yes, go for it. I did. But no matter how hard I looked I couldnt see a prize!!

    My effort here:

    and yes, use that fabric, it's divine.


  2. I agree, go for it. It's totally perfect, so long as it's lighter cotton, and not heavy/drapey/thicker cotton, as the bow won't be light it'll be right up near your chin.

    But pattern/colour will look excellent and I can totally see you in it looking fab. I have NO time at all for contests/deadlines, which is a huge shame because I really need to sew soon to relax my mind. I think I'll try yoga in the meantime!


  3. Ooo.. I think the fabric would be perfect!

  4. I love the fabric and think you should definitely go for it!

    I'm entering the contest, too. I'm working on my entry now:

  5. I've just been thinking about entering myself but will need to think tonight about which of the projects from my long list I can make :-)

  6. That fabric is so pretty! I think it will look fabulous with that pattern. View 2 is so cute!

  7. Thanks everyone! I am going to make it in that fabric. I'm going to start on it today. I'm hoping to make a proper belt with it too, with a fabric covered buckle. I've never made one before, so wish me luck! I'll try and document it to post a tutorial.

    It is a nice weekend here for sewing - yucky weather.

  8. This fabric is so nifty! Well done on the find! :)