Friday, March 12, 2010

School Fete Goodies

Hi everyone!

I have had my brother visiting this weekend, and today we had many errands to run together - he is an army man and needed to stock up for his bush trip.

One of the errands I put on the list was to visit a local primary school fete. I am a complete sucker for fetes. My primary school in Queensland runs the best fetes - awesome home baked bikkies, cakes, and lollies, fantastic crafts (I get a new crocheted blanket every year for about $8-$10), and great lucky dips. Not to mention the book stall.

So I thought I would start venturing out, seeing some new school fetes, especially as I am not in Queensland any more. Now, the one I went to, my brother and I agreed, is nowhere as good as our primary school (and we're not just being biassed :-). There was a bit too much 'funkiness' going on, and not enough good old fashioned toffees to break your teeth, chocolate crackles, lolly necklaces, or crocheted items. And the prices were much more expensive. Ah well, I suppose the primary school is in a 'trendy' area of town.

I did get some lovely things though:

The little hair ties and two clips are for my niece Lil's 3rd birthday in April. The hair ties were $2 (bargain) and the clips $2 each (also a bargain). The two brooches are for me - the felt flower was $4 and the Polly Pratt button one was $6. The vintage buttons were $3, and the little denim wallet, which is beautifully made and lined in the cutest pink fabric was $6. They were all great bargains.

There were other things there that were gorgeous, but I couldn't justify paying the money asked. For example, there was a cute cotton skirt with an a-line shape and elasticised waistband in a contrasting colour. Just two pieces of fabric sewn together and a piece of soft stretchy material on top. Asking price.... $50. At a school fete? I could make it for around $10 in about 30 minutes.

I didn't find a cake/biscuit stall, but did find a jam stall. My brother also won a wine raffle and gave me the reward, and I bought two plants:

The jams were $5 a piece, the wine ended up costing $5, and the two plants $15 (I know, I got ripped off with the plants, but the lady running the stall was very nice).

So... that was my fete outing!! Do you go to fetes? Did your primary/secondary school have one?


  1. What on earth is a fete? It sounds kind of like a bazaar, people bring all kinds of handicrafts and homemade food to sell but I'm guessing the money goes toward the school?

    We don't really have these in Canada; we might have a bakesale or a school garage sale...but not bazaars! They are usually a church thing.

  2. That is so funny! Yes, I think a bazaar would be the closest thing to a fete. But a fete also has carousels and other rides, pony rides and other fun activities for the kids who go to the school hosting it. And yes, the money goes to the school. They are lots of fun!