Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beignet, Sencha and Me....

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

I have been very busy - my Mum and Dad have been here to visit for my sister's birthday - and it has been bordering on manic. But it was great fun, and included a vintage fashion fair this morning.

But - onto the point of this post. I finished my Colette Patterns Beignet skirt and Sencha blouse (I wore it for the winery tour we did yesterday):

The skirt is made in a red linen - from where else but my fave Tessuti Fabrics. It is lined in red cotton and has black vintage buttons. I found this skirt relatively simple to fit and sew. I did not sew the pockets however, as the linen is quite bulky and I did not think the pockets (which are drafted to sit on a curved hip line) would sit flat. I cut the longest belt length, as I do like a good long belt. I found the curve where the lining and the skirt facing are joined ridiculously difficult though. Did anyone else have this issue?

This is the third time now that I have sewn the Sencha blouse, and with out a doubt, the most successful. My first attempt was massive. I originally made the size 6 - the one in these pics is a size 2 using 2cm side seam allowances instead of 1.5cm. It did come together very easily this time though. And, for the first time, I made my own bias binding. I may be in love. I want to use hand made bias binding on everything. I also used vintage buttons for the blouse - which you can see here:

The fabric is a really soft cotton - it is quite sheer though. I will have to wear a singlet or slip under it for work.

I really love this outfit. So.. now I have a lovely skirt and blouse that will suit many occasions. Such as... dancing?:

Or smelling the roses:

(Yes, I am a complete geek)Hope you have all had lovely weekends!! And hope the Melbournians enjoyed the gorgeous weather we were lucky enough to get!!


  1. YAY! The skirt and blouse look great! I love the color of the skirt.....great job! I will have to try one of these patterns soon!

  2. Ooh nice! That skirt looks like the kind of thing you'll get a lot of wear out of (I know, I sound like such a grandma)

  3. Lovely outfit! I'm looking forward to making my first Sencha blouse...only I'm also a bit unsure of what size to do...we'll see how it works out...

  4. WONDERFUL outfit. Those Colette patterns really are lovely.

  5. VERY nice! The white cotton was a great choice and i'm glad you decided to do the self binding, it finishes a garment off perfectly.
    Love the skirt too.

  6. What a wonderful outfit - I love how crisp the red and white look together!

  7. beautiful! i just got my hands on some red linen and was wondering how the beignet might look in it. thanks for sharing!

  8. So cute!! Love the red and the white! I'm planning a red skirt and white top too. What a classic combination.

  9. I love the red skirt and the crisp white blouse. I hope you had a great time on the wine tasting tour.

  10. Gorgeous again!

    Lovely Red Color~ I dig the black buttons too!

  11. That's a wonderful combination. I love red and white together!