Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sewers of Australia Unite! The Melbourne Meet-Up

What a success our meet-up was! On Saturday 19 amazing women from Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania met at Tessuti for some fabric shopping. A massive thank you to the Tessuti ladies. I think we owe them a stiff drink after bombarding their beautiful shop.

This is a list of all who attended:

Kat**: All the whimsical things ttp://sewingwithpatience.blogspot.com.au/
** Thanks to Kat for compiling this list.
I don't have a picture of everything I got, but here is a description:

  1. 3m of a printed ponti
  1. The fabric to make my Freddie Vest out of when I take a class at Tessuti with Leith
  1. 1.7m navy linen as a remnant
  1. Some buttons for Little M's dress to wear to a wedding soon.
I learnt that people think I am much shorter than I am!! In case you're wondering I'm 1.73m tall. I had so much fun seeing people's garments up close. Melanie's trench coat was simply amazing. Leith's Simplicity 2250 jacket was very cool. Kat's printed linen party frock was gorgeous. 

Robyn: Sew love red  http://sewredrobyn.blogspot.com.au/

Rachel: Boo dogg and me http://boodogg.blogspot.com.au/
Rachel: My messings http://mymessings.blogspot.com.au/
Kirsty: Rocket Sews http://rocketsews.otheredge.com.au/
Leith: Sew Brunswick http://sewbrunswick.blogspot.com.au/
Lara: Thornberry thornberry.wordpress.com/
Melanie: PoppyKettle http://poppykettle.blogspot.com.au/
Helen: Funkbunnys kitchen garden http://funkbunnysgarden.blogspot.com.au/
Christy Little Betty http://littlebettydesigns.blogspot.com.au/
Rachel: The two windmills http://thetwowindmills.wordpress.com/
Sarah: Sewsquirrell http://www.sewsquirrel.com.au/
Kirsty: Rocketsews http://rocketsews.otheredge.com.au/
Tj: The perfect nose http://theperfectnose.wordpress.com/
Belle: Bella's Collectanea of Sewing http://www.bellacollectanea.com

Fabulous ladies who are blog-less. 
Sue A

I have to say that Leith and I were the ones who spent the most. 

I think that smile says it all!!

My goodness I had fun. 

Yes, some of that fun was fuelled by the wine I had at lunch with Leith, and the two glasses of wine I consumed at Fed Square after Tessuti.

Christy and Rachel were completely hilarious, and I really want to go to Sydney soon and visit them and have a Sydney Sewers' Meet-up. 

In the mean time, though I'd like to get a regular meet-up going here in Melbourne. Anyone interested? What form do you think it should take? Meet in a cafe/bar again? Meet at people's houses? Once a month? Suggestions are very welcome.

Thank you to all who came along (and those who came in spirit too!). I had a marvellous time, and I really want to keep in contact with you all - it was so much fun talking about all our geeky sewing stuff. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Reminder: Sewers' Meet-Up This Saturday!

Hi everyone! Don't forget about our meet up this Saturday. Here are the details if you need a reminder:

1:30pm - Tessuti Fabrics, Flinders Lane Melbourne CBD

3:00pm - Time Out Cafe, Federation Square (booking under Rachel).

Thanks also to everyone who left congratulations and well wishes on my last post. I came out of the surgery extremely well, but have a post-operative infection which is painful as hell. Back to the doctor for more antibiotics tomorrow (so many antibiotics!!).

I CANNOT wait for Saturday!!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Good News and Bad News

Let's start with the good.

We bought a house!!

We looked for a total of 5 weeks - once I saw this one though, I was gone. I nearly jumped off my seat when I saw it advertised. The morning of the auction I was so close to vomiting. At the auction I could barely stand still and felt like vomiting the whole time. Michael did the bidding - thank god, there is no way I would have done it in a restrained fashion. I would have jumped in with our maximum from the word go.

So we have now bought our very first house. We settle on the 14th September, but we are going to put a front fence up, polish the floors and paint the front 3 rooms. So we'll probably move in the last week in september. Verrrry exciting.

And now onto the bad news.

Tomorrow I am having surgery. I've had chronic sinusitis since February, and am pretty much sick 24/7. I've been seeing an Ears, Nose and Throat Surgeon, and at my appointment last wednesday he told me to make an appointment for surgery. I had the surgery in 2008, and it was the worst pain I've ever been in. I am quite upset that I have to have it again.

One of the worst parts is that I won't get to do my Tailored Blazer course. I have to have two weeks off work. I will be better for the Melbourne Sewers' Meet-Up though! Something for me to look forward to. It is probably more accurate to call it the Aussie Sewers' Meet-Up though - we have sewers from Victoria, NSW and Tasmania coming!! Awesome!!