Monday, March 12, 2012

Lisette Portfolio Tunic - Dress Length

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my haircut. It is very easy to maintain - wash and wear. I put a tiny bit of product in it, and away I go. Very handy with an active little bub (she's very close to walking!!).

Anyway, onto some sewing. Remember this lovely Lisette Tunic Shirt I made a while ago? I decided I like it a lot, and would like one made in the longer dress length.

I look kinda saucy here - but I think I was actually squinting from the flash! 

I bought this lovely cotton fabric from Tessuti as a remnant some time ago, and decided it would be perfect. The navy is cotton broadcloth from Spotlight.

I love the pockets - I had never appreciated pockets in the past, but I do now. Pockets are essential for storing things you want easy access to when your hands are otherwise occupied by a bub.

The dress came together easily. The only thing I'm concerned about is the length. I didn't have enough fabric to lengthen it - do you think it is too short? I'm thinking I could add a band of the navy fabric along the bottom - what do you think?

P.S. - I bought Gertie's new Starlet Jacket course - am very eager to begin - has anyone else bought it?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lurvely Linen: Simplicity 2360

As you might be aware, I've been hankering to get my frock on, but have held off because I know my bust will change size in the coming months. It came to my attention however, that I could sew a more 'blousey', less-fitted dress, that will accommodate my current and future bust sizes.

So I turned to Simplicity 2360. You might remember seeing it as one of my 30th Birthday Party Dresses from 2010.

It is made from a dark-orangey red with a gold metallic stripe linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics. I love this fabric - the only issue I have with it is that is wrinkles so much! These photos were taken directly after I had my haircut - so I was wrinkly from being under the cape thingmy-bob you have to wear.

The dress is easy to make, but for some reason I had major issues with the neckline. It seriously gaped on me and came out to the outer edges of my shoulders. Weird. To fix the problem I took in the shoulder seams by 5cm. I'm sure this isn't the correct way, but because I didn't muslin the pattern (given I had made it before) I didn't really think I need to make adjustments. The only other adjustment I made was to make a non-elasticised belt. I used horsehair braid in mine and a vintage belt buckle from my stash.

I'm looking at Little M who was clapping her hands at me posing

I had a very fun afternoon - Michael and Little M went for a stroll on Sydney Rd while I got my hair cut(I get my haircut at Corrin's Hair Salon on Sydney Rd at Brunswick), and then we all had tea together and took some photos. Michael has joined a photography club, and is trying new things - what do you think of these photos?