Friday, February 17, 2012


Most of my clothing these days has to be play-friendly, dirt-friendly, and most importantly, comfortable. I can't be swanning around in beautiful frocks anymore unfortunately, because they're likely to end up covered in banana, drool, and all manner of other tasty substances. Bless Little M's cotton socks - I love that little messy bub to bits.

I got the Colette Pattern's Sewing Handbook for Christmas, and am itching to sew all the garments - especially Pastille, but I am going to wait until I stop breastfeeding, as I'm sure my bust size will change. So, in the mean time, I sewed the Meringue skirt - it ticks play-friendly, dirt-friendly, and comfortable.

I made it in a heavy dark denim (no stretch) that I got from Darn Cheap Fabrics for $5/m. I used well under a metre. I had a bit of a fitting debacle with this one - I thought I was a size 8 after the fit of my Ginger Skirt, so I traced off and made the 8. It was rather large on me. So Ruthy got it. I made a 6, and after increasing the back darts slightly and lengthening all the darts, it fits beautifully. And I lengthened it by 4cm.

The skirt is simple to sew. The only challenging aspect is the scallops. I think a beginner might find them difficult. I didn't follow the instructions regarding clipping and grading them - I trimmed the seam allowance right back and zig-zagged them. I think  it is also important to keep in mind that you need a very stable fabric for the outer, and a light-weight fabric for the facings. Otherwise the scallops will not hold their shape or press well. I used cotton voile for my facings.

So... a very simple skirt to play in that looks cute - what do you think? I wore it to a picnic down at Merri Creek last weekend. Little M had a lovely time - she loves being outdoors and loves playing on grass. We're heading off down there this arvo too - hope you're getting some outdoor time this weekend too!

P.S. - the shirt is another Sorbetto, made in cotton voile from Rathdowne Fabrics.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ginger and Sorbetto - perfect summer wear

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last post - I'm feeling very loved. If I was more organised, I'd have loved to take part in Debi's Sew Grateful week, but darling Little M is teething like nothing else, so I've been busy holding what is usually a very active and non-cuddly baby this week. Kinda blissful for me given she's usually not so cuddly (just a pity it's cos she's in pain!). I do have a giveaway planned for very soon though, so listen out.

Prior to this week however, Little M has been very obligingly having huge lunch time naps. Which means sewing time for me! I bought this lovely orange cotton sateen from Spotlight a while ago for $5/m, and thought it would look wonderful as an A-Line. So I made up the Colette Patterns Ginger skirt.

I like this skirt. It came together easily, though I found I had to go up a size -- did anyone else find it runs a smidge small? Usually I'm uniformly the one size in Colette Patterns.

I love the way the facing is attached in this skirt, and after reading the instructions some time ago, have been using it on all my skirts. You sew the facing down next to the invisible zip using a regular zipper foot. Am I dumb that I didn't think to do this before? I'd been hand-stitching the facing down. Ah well.

Do you like my personalised clothing tags? Michael got them for me for Christmas! Aren't they awesome? And extremely useful for telling which is the back of a skirt! Thank you my love - I'd been hankering for some for quite a while.

I also made this black cotton voile Sorbetto. I made the bias binding in the same fabric, and used french seams everywhere. It is very light and breezy. I got the voile from Rathdowne Fabrics and Remnants - I think it has some bargains, but feel it has gotten more expensive now that it has exposure via Project Runway.

In other news, I am thoroughly sick of my hair. I am thinking about cutting it very short - a la Jean Seberg - what do you think? My reservations are that the last time I had my hair that short I weighed a good 6 kilos less and my face looked quite different. Will it suit me?

Isn't she gorgeous? Pity about the cigarette - though I guess it was the done thing at the time.