Sunday, July 17, 2011

Negroni Finished!!

Well, it is three months and two days overdue, but Michael finally has his birthday present.

As I blogged about earlier in the year, it is the Colette Patterns' Negroni shirt. I made a muslin, and ended up doing a sloping shoulder adjustment, which added some more room under his arms as well as shaping to the shoulders.

I'm pretty proud of this shirt. I'm not happy with the way the third button pulls across the front, but that is because Michael has grown a little in that area (by his own admission! He's aiming to downsize a bit). But I think I did a nice job on some of the elements.

The pockets:

The collar:

I seriously ruined the first pair of sleeves I set in. I was stupid enough to just hack off a bit at the end of them to make them shorter... didn't think to shorten them at the 'lengthen or shorten here' line. So I unpicked nearly the entire shirt and put a new pair in. Luckily I had extra fabric. 

Michael really likes it, and put it on straight after little M and I sang happy birthday to him this morning and presented it to him. I'm just so glad to have it done!