Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rasberry Linen Jacket: V8721

Do you all read Erica B's blog? She's pretty inspirational - her sewing is amazing. Recently I saw her version of Vogue 8721 in hot pink linen, and immediately wanted one. But I wanted a metallic-y one... so I took myself of to Tessuti and bought the most amazing lurex-coated linen that has been enzyme washed. 

Before I cut into my precious metallic linen though, I wanted to make the jacket to check the fit and make sure it looked ok with the tailoring changes I made. So I bought some linen from The Fabric Store that was on sale, and made a 'test' version - that I fully intend to wear!

First I cut a medium, then quickly did a calico version with just the main front and back pieces. It was much too big for me, so I cut my fashion fabric as a small, grading to a medium at the shoulders only. I have quite broad shoulders.

The only changes I made - which aren't really changes, more like additions - were to tape the roll line and add slim shoulder pads. My first time using shoulder pads! It was very easy - I used a tutorial found on Casey's blog.

I love this jacket - and it was simple to sew. As Erica B said too, it is a boxy style, so there is no need for millions of muslins.

I don't know why the lining looks so puckery there, it doesn't in real-life. The only part I don't like is that on one side (see the top picture), I've got a bit of a lump where the top of the jacket hits the middle bit. I think I mustn't have trimmed it enough... so I'm going to unpick it and have a look at it tonight.

So.. what do you think? Should I go ahead and make it in my lovely lurex metallic linen?

P.S. - thank you for the b'day wishes on my last post - still can't believe she's one!

P.P.S. - work is going well, though Michael is away overseas - went to America for a week, came back for four days and has now left today for Italy for two weeks. Doing everything by myself while working is verrrry exhausting. I ended up with a stomach bug and mastitis again - which began on the day Michael arrived home last week! Send energy thoughts my way please!!