Friday, October 14, 2011

Black Bow Beignet

I've made the lovely Beignet pattern before in red linen. But I need some wardrobe basics, and a black skirt was on my list. So I got Beignet out again and made it in the same heavy black linen from Tessuti as my 40's wide-leg trousers are made.

I used a green cotton poplin from my stash to line it, and some buttons from good old Spotlight. I made it in a size 6 with no alterations - a bit of a surprise as I usually have to add length.

I don't really have anything new to add regarding this pattern. The most difficult thing about it is sewing the lining and the skirt together at the front facing - there are two opposing curves that require careful pinning and a lot of patience. Apart from that, there are many pieces to put together, but they are not difficult.

I did two things differently - instead of sewing in the cotton tape around the waistband the pattern calls for I sewed a wide piece of grosgrain ribbon. I did this as the waist of my red linen Beignet stretches out quite significantly. The wide grosgrain ribbon seems to really hold it in place.

The second thing I did differently was sew one of Tilly's bow belts using her excellent tutorial. I think the bow belt makes the skirt all the more cute!

This skirt will get a lot of wear - a black skirt is so versatile. I am really loving all of my Colette patterns at the moment - do you have patterns in your collection you faithfully return to?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Simplicity 3688 - 40s Wide-Leg Trousers

Our little family has had a very exciting year so far - having Little M has made life amazing. To further add to our incredible year, we are all heading to Italy for a month in November! I haven't been overseas since our honeymoon 4 years ago, and have never been to Europe, so I am extremely excited!!

Because I am a good Virgo, I have been thinking about and planning mine and Little M's wardrobe. I thought about sewing her a mini-wardrobe, but her lovely Aunty Ruthy gave her the most amazing set of Italy-clothes - a sweet corduroy coat and matching dress, a knitted cap with a pom-pom and matching cardigan, a cute winter dress that is grey, and a long-sleeved tee. So, I will save Little M sewing til she is a bit bigger.

My wardrobe is going to be mostly pants and tops, and here is my list of sewing projects:
  • wide-leg trousers;
  • Colette Patterns' Jasmine blouse;
  • Colette Patterns Clover cigarette pants; and
  • Another Colette Patterns Beignet. 
I've made some headway - have finished the Beignet (will post on this soon!), and have finished the wide-leg trousers - here they are!

They are from this pattern, which has been well reviewed around the traps:

They were easy to sew. I did make a muslin first though. Here are the changes I made:
  • I started with the size 12, and ended up increasing the crotch-depth to a size 16 (I must be really long-waisted). 
  • I also increased the size of the darts, effectively taking the trousers in by 4cm in total. 
  • I also lengthened the darts at the front by 1.5cm. 
  • I lengthened the pants by approximately 10cm so that I could use a generous hem. I think it makes the pants swing out nicely. 
  • I cut the size 14 along the inner leg seam - I wanted them to be really wide without losing the shaping over the hips.
  • I used an invisible zipper.
The fabric is 100% heavy linen from Tessuti - beautiful fabric and easy to work with. Linen frays like the devil though doesn't it? 

Karen of Did You Make That? fame has said these trousers are like wearing a pair of pyjamas, and I have to agree. They are sooooo comfy. I'd like to make another pair in maybe an olive green - would look so chic with a white tee and brown sandals in summer - do you think?