Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Baby Girl

Last week, on the 12th April, at 00:30am, Little Miss Boo Dogg joined our family. She decided to come 2 weeks early, and Michael, Boo Dogg and me have been welcoming her, getting to know her, and loving her. 

I went into labour early on the sunday morning - my waters broke, but no contractions came. The hospital sent me home to see what happened, and if no contractions came, to come back at 7am monday morning to be induced. I was induced monday morning (hellish and horrible), and then our darling was born just after midnight that night, weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces, and 51cm long. It wasn't easy going - I lost a lot of blood, had dangerously low blood pressure, and fainted in the shower and scraped the living daylights out of my spine (luckily no more serious injuries than that). But I'm on my way to fighting fit now. We had four nights in hospital after she was born (Michael stayed too), and now we've been home for 2 nights, getting into a baby rhythm. 

Michael and I have decided not to put any 'identifying' pictures of our baby girl out there in Internet world, but I do have a picture of her perfect little feet to show you:

Aren't they just the sweetest? She is such a darling. 

Hope all your sewing is going well - I'm sloooowly getting through my blog reader! 

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Bump! 37 Weeks and counting....

I feel like I haven't 'appeared' here in some time. I haven't really had any new garments I could actually model for a while, and have been living in the same 3 dresses for the last 2 months or so. It has gotten cooler here in Melbourne, and I'm finding dressing for the autumn/winter temperatures a little harder than summer.

By 'bump' is going great guns though! Here I am in one my staple dresses:

I had a 34 week 'size and well-being' scan just under a month ago and they estimate our little baby girl will weigh about 3.5kgs/8 pounds at birth. My midwife said that if she was having a baby she would want them to be that weight, so I feel good that she will be a good healthy size that won't be impossible to push out (yes, I do think about these things. Almost constantly.).

Overall, I've felt very well. I have had one 'issue' - I have pelvic dysfunction and have to wear a compression bandage and a brace. The dysfunction cropped up about 6 weeks ago (unfortunately just before Michael went to the States, which was very difficult for me), and I've been banned from any type of exercising (which is very annoying for me). Since Christmas I have also had extremely swollen feet that never go down, but my blood pressure is perfect, so they are just a nuisance rather than something 'being wrong'. So really, I've had a very good pregnancy, and feel very lucky. I've not really been sick, I've not put on too much weight, and most importantly, the baby is healthy.

So now I have 3 weeks to go! I've just begun my maternity leave, and today we are setting up the nursery. This coming week I am going to wash all the teeny baby things - little cot sheets, mini mittens, tiny onesies. I'm really looking forward to it! Isn't it funny how doing copious amounts of washing can become fun?